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Alles klar, wir machen das jetzt:

3-Sätze Ficathon - ab dem 24.01.2016

Macht euch schonmal bereit und denkt euch viele Prompts aus!
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Start: Sonntag, 01.02.2015

Wie immer etwas kurzfristig, aber es ist ja Open End und es haben schon einige bereitwillig "Ja!" geschrieen. ;)
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Leute, Leute, ich weiß ich bin mal wieder a) spät und b) kurzfristig bei der Sache aber:

3-Sätze-Fication, j/j?

Ich hatte an kommenden Sonntag als Start gedacht. Finden sich dafür genug Leute?
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Start: Sonntag, 12.01. 2014
Etwas kurzfristig, aber da recht viele begeistert eingewilligt haben, dachte ich mir: "Warum nicht?" :)
Wer mag, kann gerne die Werbetrommel rühren! Ansonsten schonmal fleißig Prompts sammeln!
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Etwas später als ich geplant hatte, aber:
Der 3. deutsche 3-Sätze-Ficathon startet am Sonntag, den 24.02.13.!
Weitersagen! Prompts sammeln! Mitmachen! :)

(Keine shiny Headergrafik, weil ich es nicht schaffe, meine alte CS3 auf meinem neuen Rechner zu installieren und GIMP mich überfordert. Bis nächste Woche hab ich was, versprochen. XD)


Oct. 24th, 2012 10:59 am
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I'll be off then and will be back on Monday. Until then, have fun, stay mad and leave a link if anything interesting happens, ok?

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... startet am Sonntag, den 29.07.12.!
Sammelt schonmal fleißig Prompts und rührt die Werbetrommel!

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The lovely [livejournal.com profile] lillian_raven started to organize a German Fanfiction Big Bang for this year.
Head over to [livejournal.com profile] deutsch_bigbang to get more information and sign up as writer, artist and/or beta-reader!
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... startet am kommenden Sonntag. :) Nochmal zur Info:

Warum das ganze?
Habe ich mehr oder weniger in diesem Post erläutert.

Wie funktioniert das ganze?
Jemand postet einen Prompt mit Fandom, Charakter oder Pairing und einem Schlagwort oder einem Satz, der damit zu tun haben soll. Jemand anderes schreibt für diesen Prompt einen Fill, und zwar in genau 3 Sätzen.

Sonst noch was?
Der Ficathon ist mehr oder weniger ein Experiment meinerseits. Wäre toll, wenn sich viele Teilnehmer einfänden, die Prompts und Fills schreiben. Jedes Fandom ist herzlich eingeladen. Wer diesbezüglich die Werbetrommel rühren will, ist ebenfalls herzlich eingeladen sich den Banner zu klauen. ^^


Jun. 13th, 2010 03:28 pm
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Homophobia in RPG? )

Playing Fallout 3 lately and it is somewhat really addictive. I could play this all day, except that I'm already becoming nervous because of my upcoming exams which I have to learn a crapload of stuff for. So ...

I'm going on my usual learning hiatus until the middle/end of July. Prepare for even more random and panick-stricken postings, because my procrastination bar will rise into infinite heights in the next few weeks. That being said: off for some more uni work and then watch Germany play tonight. (The World Cup is being lots of fun so far, surprisingly. Most of all, it's just nice to see good football again.)

ETA: YAY for Ghana winning!!! :D
ETA2: Those fucking fire-ants in Fallout are driving me insane. The constant foreboding clicking! The fire spitting! The absolutely disgusting corpses! I hope I'm out of that area asap, these things are making me really sick.


Jan. 18th, 2010 08:56 am
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Examinations start in three (three!) weeks, I haven't done a single bit of learning yet and it isn't helping either that my mind is a thousand miles up in the sky, somewhere between clouds, fantasy worlds and developping various solutions on How-to-play-through-Dragon-Age-as-differently-as-possible. *facepalms* And since I'm feeling like I'm only blathering into the ether lately anyway and don't want to bore you with endless babbling no one wants to read, I think it's best for your nerves and my grades that I get working. ;)

Until in a few weeks then! (Though I'm way too addicted to LJ and will be checking my flist. XD)


Dec. 7th, 2009 09:42 am
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I has it again. Thank God. Also: stupid Telekom.


Nov. 30th, 2009 01:38 am
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7709 / 9000 words. 86% done!

I feel pretty much like this but also terribly excited and motivated. Tomorrow ends my deadline ... and I'm so going to finish this. *rubs hands together*

Also, I'd like to announce a little involuntary hiatus:

Due to a change of our internet provider, I will be internet-less from 1. to 3. December. I will check the important stuff, when I'm at Uni, but if there's anything you think I'm missing ... feel free to link and/or spam me. :)
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Back from my vacation since last weekend. Already busy again, as usual. Maybe there's going to be a little picspam.

Apart from that: reeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)


Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:21 pm
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I will be off to (near) Hamburg for a week and hopefully have a nice week of relaxing. (If the weather stops bitching, there could even be a trip to the beach in it ... *crosses fingers*) No idea, if there's going to be internet, but I guess rather not.

I'm sorry for not having answered to all the meme-comments yet. I thought I would manage to do it tonight, but with all the packing ... Maybe I'll get them written tomorrow. If not, I'll answer them as soon as I'm back. Promise. But I really need to get sleeping now.

See ya! *waves*


Jun. 7th, 2009 10:41 pm
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I'm back! :D

A little Cologne picspam is to follow tomorrow. For now I'm off to bed. *is knackered*
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Hiatus note, #1:

Well, this is sort of a hiatus note, but more a "making official what's been ovious for quite a while". I've been pretty rushed by RL and didn't have much time for internet or LJ. I just wanted to tell you that this is not very likely to change until the end of September (that's when my internship ends and I'll go back to Uni again). I'll try to answer every comment and be as active as possible, but don't be worried if I disappear for longer timespans. Especially in the next few weeks, I think I'm going to step back a little. When you feel a rise of anxiety whenever you think of your freetime plans - that's just the point where you have to say "Hasta la vista, RL and VL. I need a break".

Hiatus note, #2:

A "real" hiatus this time, but for not quite so long. ;) I'll be off to Cologne from Friday evening to Sunday, visiting L. together with B. Hopefully, I'm also going to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] cenaya  since she's studying there. :D


Feb. 1st, 2009 11:57 pm
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Okay, so we're hitting the critical time when I really, really need to do almost nothing but learning. Exams will start in one week and will go on for two weeks. I'm going to be on (pseudo) hiatus again during that time and try to be sensible. Just so you don't have to wonder when I'll disappear for a little while. ^^
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After one week without my computer (it completely refused to boot) and an 8-hour-odyssey of saving data and trying to make it work again ... I'm back again! Hai there! *waves*


Sep. 24th, 2008 10:23 am
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Due to ongoing computer problems (and much RL) I will be on hiatus for a while. Will be back after my harddrive has been formatted, but until then, I'm going to stay away from the computer the best way I can.*pats her PC which has gone slightly nuts*


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