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Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry. I didn't forget you, but the week was stressful so far. I'll try to reply asap.

1.Lalalala )

2. Currently one of my favourite songs:

3. I have a new PC and also a huge new monitor and Windows 8 is really confusing. Apart from that, I named my new baby JARVIS, because of reasons.

4.We started playing the DC Adventures RPG )

4.more RPG babbling )

Also, I'm planning for another German 3-sentence-ficathon. SOON. Be prepared. :D


Oct. 24th, 2012 10:59 am
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I'll be off then and will be back on Monday. Until then, have fun, stay mad and leave a link if anything interesting happens, ok?

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my daily gifs to express my feelings about this shitty week )

Bear with me, one more day and it'll be weekend. Meanwhile, let me talk a little bit about Teen Wolf since I managed to finally watch the last couple of episodes tonight. In bullet points, because, no, coherence is not my strong point atm.

Teen Wolf S2 )

I'm probably forgetting something, but for now that's it.
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Which will be sometime next week. Mayhaps.
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Back home

Nov. 13th, 2011 05:18 pm
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After being up all night (our flight back was at 3.30 AM), returning home and falling into a comatose sleep, I'm ready to catch up with LJ, fandom and the rest of the world (in that order). In other words: I'm back. I'm probably going to make another more articular post later and maybe even post some pics as soon as my camera stops refusing me to access the photos.


Nov. 5th, 2011 07:28 pm
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In about 12 hours I'll be on a plane and on my way to my first real holiday abroad since forever. Consider me a bit, well, omfgIhopeeverything'llgowell anxious. (When will such things stop making me freak out? *sighs*)

I'll be away for a week, so if anything interesting happens - let me know, yes?


Sep. 15th, 2011 07:16 pm
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I'll be off to Kassel  tomorrow morning until Sunday night and I'm kind of dying over here because of all the fretting I've been doing. It could be great, it could be a disaster and of course, I feel like I haven't packed enough or the wrong things. *sighs* Ah well.

To all those who wanted to join in on that ThinkGeek order: I haven't forgotten, but this weekend and next week will be crazy. Maybe sometime after that?

*goes off and watches Roman die at Alles was zählt*
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So I'm back home. The trip was nice, but we didn't get to do half the things I hoped we could do (visiting Hamburg, seeing some people, the Lion King musical ...). We did other stuff, though, and I might make a little entry and post a few pictures later, if I get around to it. Apart from that, I stuffed myself with Franzbrötchen and - oh, right. I've been reading Inkdeath/Tintentod.

And here's where I get crazy and spoiler-ish. )
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I have this week off, been getting up at 7 or 8 o'clock each morning, feel like I'm not doing enough with the free time that I'm given and it feels like time is running out of my hands. On top of that, I feel bad for taking vacation at a time when work is being crazy, but then it's always crazy and it never gets better, so when else am I supposed to take off? Or in short: I cannot relax, because all I can think about is ticking off the days I have left until I have to work again. *facepalms*

I watch too many TV shows. Like, dear god, when did I start watching all of this? And why do they all have to get back from spring break now? I'm 3 eps behind in TVD, I keep forgetting to catch up with The Borgias and I still need to check out Game of Thrones. Doctor Who is being awesome spoiler ), Supernatural not so much, but I'll forgive them for it for moments like this one (spoiler for 6x17). And then there is Glee, which is a mess - as usual -, but I really did enjoy the last episode. Santana is so much love.

- Star Wars turned out to be quite the fun game. It's an easy enough system, my character is a nice change (a loudmouthed Zabrak mechanic) and we have two new players who brought in a badly needed breath of fresh air. One of us has already gone darkside and it was duh-rrrama! Heeh. :D

- I have written about 8 pages of catharsis-fic about my dead RPG character that I'll probably never finish (or post) because it's a clusterfuck of wannabe-mindfuck. But it's kind of helping me to overcome that inner rage of "But it's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaair" that I still feel when I think of the end of the campaign. (In case, anyone hasn't noticed yet, yeah, I can't let things that bug me go that easily.) At least it made me rewatch "Stay" for inspiration, which made me realise how great its soundtrack is. <3

- I'm also preparing the Dragon Age RPG, which I think is going to be fun. *is excited as well as a little nervous*


Feb. 24th, 2011 11:49 pm
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I will hand in my thesis tomorrow. It's printed out, everything's done and ready and now I only need to wait. Apart from that, I think I'm falling into a bit of a post-bachelor-hole, because I'm just really, really tired and not happy at all. I just want to sleep and forget all about it. Oh, but that might be because I still have to present my thesis in front of an undefined number of co-workers, because my teamleader wants to torture me said so. No, he's actually quite nice, but this is a thing that will keep me in a state of panic anxiety and do-not-want until it's over. Until then, I won't be able to truly relax or feel relieved. Bugger.

What I did do to spoil myself a little and get into a better mood: going on a huge Amazon-shopping spree.

Pic )

Destined for an early Grave is actually a Tauschticket order, but it arrived on the same day, so. And the Eagle of the Ninth chronicles, because they are clearly the in-thing to read for slash-fans at the moment and I am so fucking excited for the movie you have no idea. Ahem. ;)
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+ I have now written about 45 pages for my bachelor thesis in about two months. This is quite good by my standards.
- I have now to write another 35 pages in half the time. This is, by my standards and with work and moving, not so good.

+ My bookshelves for the new apartment have arrived and they are things of beauty. Or, well, your average Ikea BILLY-shelves, but I see them for what they will be: a 2 metre-wall of books, mangas and DVDs which is pretty fucking exciting. :D
- Still no news about the rest of my furniture.

My recs for Yuletide 2010, featuring following fandoms:
Football RPS, A-Team (2010), Jennfer's Body, Legion, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Despicable Me, Fallout 3, Little Red Riding Hood and A Knight's Tale.
I especially loved Down a Dark Desert Highway, because A. I am badly crushing on the A Knight's Tale fandom (Geoffrey Chaucer! And so little fic!) and B. it has this wonderful, strange Inception!Limbo-esque Sartre-thingy mood going on.


Dec. 14th, 2010 12:21 am
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Adding my fair share to the "Not really available atm"-posts that are popping up on my flist. I wish I could talk to you guys more often, but I'm either not at home or it's so late that I'm not in the mood for anything much besides checking my e-mails and then going to bed.

I'm also having my annual WHAT SHALL I BUY MY FRIENDS FOR CHRISTMAS freak-out. There are some people that are hard to please whom I find very quickly presents for, and then there are some that are theoretically easily to please but it's a nightmare to find the presents. Why does everything I want to buy suddenly have to be out of stock? Whyyyy? And how the fuck am I supposed to get my hands on a copy of either the Serenety, Babylon 5 or Thousand Suns RPG? *pulls at hair*
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Me: *wakes up* Huh, that light out there looks rather ... white. *blinks, still can't make out anything* (I'm short-sighted, so my window was basically just a white wall) ... Well, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that's snow reflecting the light. But naww. *walks over to the window* HOLY SHIT IT'S SNOW!

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I saw Tanz der Vampire in Stuttgart today. Guys, I ... I don't even know what to say. It was my first "real" musical and it was perfect. The dance choreography, the costumes, the show, the songs ... I'm blown away. It was that amazing. I loved Krolock. And the ending. And the songs. I even bought the ridiculously overpriced CD and I don't care that I probably paid twice the usual price. It was perfect. And. I'm at a loss for words.

(And when I heard Totale Finsternis (=Total Eclipse of the Heart) my mind seriously snapped and made a connection to the last Glee episode. Now I can't get the thought of a ridiculous crack!AU out of my head where:
Rachel = Sarah
Jesse = Krolock
Finn = Alfred
Kurt = Herbert.
Which is absolutely raving mad, when you know the musical, and also kind of fitting, when you know Glee. XDDDD)
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I have teh Internet Fail again since Tuesday night. *rolls eyes* Hopefully, things will be set right until the end of this weekend.


Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:21 pm
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I will be off to (near) Hamburg for a week and hopefully have a nice week of relaxing. (If the weather stops bitching, there could even be a trip to the beach in it ... *crosses fingers*) No idea, if there's going to be internet, but I guess rather not.

I'm sorry for not having answered to all the meme-comments yet. I thought I would manage to do it tonight, but with all the packing ... Maybe I'll get them written tomorrow. If not, I'll answer them as soon as I'm back. Promise. But I really need to get sleeping now.

See ya! *waves*
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Hiatus note, #1:

Well, this is sort of a hiatus note, but more a "making official what's been ovious for quite a while". I've been pretty rushed by RL and didn't have much time for internet or LJ. I just wanted to tell you that this is not very likely to change until the end of September (that's when my internship ends and I'll go back to Uni again). I'll try to answer every comment and be as active as possible, but don't be worried if I disappear for longer timespans. Especially in the next few weeks, I think I'm going to step back a little. When you feel a rise of anxiety whenever you think of your freetime plans - that's just the point where you have to say "Hasta la vista, RL and VL. I need a break".

Hiatus note, #2:

A "real" hiatus this time, but for not quite so long. ;) I'll be off to Cologne from Friday evening to Sunday, visiting L. together with B. Hopefully, I'm also going to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] cenaya  since she's studying there. :D
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Me: *wants to buy DVDs and hands them to the cashier*
Cashier: *bored* ... and are you twelve already?
Me: *thinks she's misheard something, because it was kind of loud* Uhm, pardon?!
Cashier: Are you twelve already?
Me: *completely baffled and indignant* I'm twenty-three. You can have a look at my driver's license, if you want.
Casher: *not bothered or embarrassed at all* We have to ask. If we don't, we'll get into trouble, you know.
Me: ...

Right. Because The Mummy and Spiderman 2 are so hardcore. And because I don't look old enough to buy PG-13 rated movies.


I'm used to people thinking I'm much younger than I actually am, but ... twelve? I mean, really? O_o

(And I thought it was already pretty wtf when a friend of my boyfriend thought I was fifteen.)
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Ich wünsche euch hiermit noch einmal allen ein gutes neues Jahr! Hoffentlich hattet ihr alle einen guten Rutsch und habt nett gefeiert (auch wenn Silvester feiern eh total overrated ist).
Wir waren bei Bekannten und hatten gemütliches Fondue, anschließend Feuerwerk loslassen und zugucken. War also kein schlechter Abend, bis auf meine zeitweiligen Kopfschmerzen und der Überdosis an anwesenden Kleinkindern, die herumkrakeelt haben. (Ich bin mir immer noch sicher, dass da ein kausaler Zusammenhang bestand! ;P) Aber gut, nach einem Nickerchen im Wohnzimmer - wo der Achtjährige der Rasselbande gerade Harry Potter guckte *hüstel* - waren die auch weg. Die Kopfschmerzen, nicht die Kinder. ;)

Heute Morgen ist übrigens die bereits erwähnte überfällige Bestellung eingetroffen - gerade noch so in der Lieferfrist, aber natürlich viel zu spät für ein Weihnachtsgeschenk. (Na ja, wird's eben ein Neujahrsgeschenk.) Abgesehen davon, dass ich's nicht mehr rechtzeitig bekommen habe, bin ich allgemein sehr angefressen wegen dem Anbieter. Viel zu lange Lieferzeiten (2-3 Wochen, die werden oft noch überzogen) scheinen da die Regel zu sein, wobei man darauf vor der Bestellung nicht mal richtig hingewiesen wird.
Tja, hätte ich mal die Bewertungen besser durchgeschaut, da beschwert man sich nämlich alle Nase lang drüber. Abgesehen davon kam keinerlei Versandbestätigung und auf Kundenanfragen scheint oft gar nicht oder schwammig geantwortet zu werden.
Für alle die es interessiert: Bei dem besch ... eidenen Marketplace-Anbieter handelte es sich um filme-und-musik und ich kann nur wärmstens davon abraten, irgendetwas bei denen zu bestellen. Ich für meinen Teil, werd's nie wieder tun.


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