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So, remember when I was angry? I wrote a thing and I think I broke Marius. (Someone take him away from me, I'm serious.)

Marius/OC, implied Marius/Enjolras
warnings: sex, roleplay, PTSD, infidelity, angstangstangstangst
rating: R

summary: The sound of drums and cannons is always with you and the cries of dying friends lulls you into your sleep. It's only moments like this when you finally, finally forget.

The sound of drums )
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Fandoms: The Avengers, Iron Man, Les Misérables
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Categories/Warnings: well, it's Les Mis, you know what to expect

5 drabbles over at my writing journal
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We Get So Happy With the Hearts That We Break by mytimehaspassed
He plays the piano sometimes. Like he used to, with hands that are not his father’s. With hands that don’t belong to him.
Bittersweet twincest and bittersweet T.J. characterisation.

When The Music Stops by waferkya
Sitting there behind the piano, playing at Douglas' engagement party, — that's both the best and the worst thing T.J. has done in a while.
This is a lovely read with minor twincest, and anyway, it's T.J. so you should read it either way.

give and take by radiophile
"You got all the good parts, and I got all the bad parts."
A short, bittersweet piece of twincest and character insight.

The last good kiss you had (was years ago) by afterism
TJ's fifteen and a hundred thousand people have just found out he's gay.
A piece about T.J. growing up and his coming out. Although there's a dash of twincest in there, I'd especially rec this for the T.J. charaterisation, because it's wonderful and sad and perfect.

The Disorient Express by screamlet
T.J. thinks he'll blame youth-obsessed Western culture for making him ashamed to admit that his grandmother is his best friend.
[gen] Takes place after the events of the show. Grandma Margaret takes T.J., Doug and Anne on a tour through Europe. Lots of family feels and snark ensue. The voices are spot on and seriously, I just wanted to squish everyone in this fic and never let go.

In Ascension, By Descent by lorax
The pattern of Doug and T.J.'s lives were set even before they set foot in the White House. Somewhere along the way, things changed.
[gen] A lengthy, wonderful fic about T.J. and Doug growing up in the White House and them being BROTHERS, growing apart and trying to grow back together again and it's just such wonderful character development and you have to read this.

Fic rec

Dec. 26th, 2012 07:14 pm
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So turn around and I'll pick up the slack by sirona
This... was not what Tony had in mind when he decided to design himself a new dildo. You won't hear him complaining about the results, however.
TONY/ARMOR PORN. Seriously, this is the fic I've been waiting for ever since that certain scene in the Iron Man 3 trailer. Technically, it's more of a Tony/JARVIS fic, but who would I be to complain a about that? XD

And Has Time Enough by wanttobeatree
Tony asks if they have met. It's a matter of perspective. (A Time Traveller's Wife AU.)
TIME TRAVEL AU. There's no more you need to know about it, except, yeah, it's amazing and ugh and TONY and yesssss. Don't let yourself be scared off by the twisted plotlines, it all comes to a conclusion in the end. No knowledge of the book/movie is necessary (I didn't know it either, though I did make sure to get my hands on the book afterwards).

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by sirona
You never know what kind of information you might stumble upon in Russia.
A James Bond/Avengers crossover with Daniel Craig!Bond meeting and hooking up with Bucky Barnes. Also with Natasha Romanoff, but mostly Bucky, and it's all kinds of sexy and hilarious and amazing and exactly the crossover I didn't know I wanted until I found it. *flails*

What I Need I Just Don't Have by gyzym
If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition. (Or: Tony needs an assistant. Rhodey needs a break.)
If you still need reasons why Pepper is a bamf and why you should ship Tony/Rhodey (as if both weren't already obvious things) - read this fic. I'm serious, it's hilarious and cute and wonderful and proof that Tony/Rhodey needs more love - their insane banter is the best. And Pepper. PEPPER. BEST.

My Normal Approach is Useless Here by windsweptfic
Tony finds Bucky frozen in the Alps and brings him back, thinking it'll help Steve adjust to modern life if he's not alone. Unfortunately, he finds it has the side-effect of him becoming irrationally jealous.
I loved this one, how Tonys resentment slowly gets replaced by something different and mwah. Steve/Tony/Bucky OT3-fic!

Podfic Rec:
[podfic] Natural Selection by reena_jenkins, Saucery
BEACON, also known as the Bureau of Enforcement, Armed Combat and Offensive Neutralization (it sure is offensive, Stiles thinks) has established the Avengers Initiative in order to, uh, fight crime. And rampaging alien hordes. And stuff.
Stiles is Iron Man. (Scott is Rhodey. Oh, Scott.) Derek is the Hulk. Lydia is Black Widow. Allison is Hawkeye. DANNY IS CAPTAIN AMERICA WHO EVERYONE LOVES. Jaxon is a creepy alien dude with Daddy issues. And also Danny issues. Daddy Danny issues. Danny is justifiably alarmed. Erica is Pepper Potts, except with more of an inclination toward bodily harm. Chris Argent is the head of the Avengers Initiative. He is also fierce. He is also a silver fox. Hot damn. And somehow, in the middle of all this chaos, the Hulk and Iron Man find love.

LISTEN TO IT. The story in itself is absolutely great, but the podficcer really brought the best out of it with her voice, especially with Stiles.
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Autor: [livejournal.com profile] ayascythe
Künstler: [livejournal.com profile] sweetestremedy
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] 3ngel
Fandom: The Avengers (MCU)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Wortanzahl: 45.242
Rating: R (NC-17 für das letzte Kapitel)
Language: Deutsch/German
Warnungen: Mystery, Drama, Angst, Slash, Gewalt/Kämpfe/gewalttätige Übergriffe, expliziter Sex (der nicht so explizit ist, wie er gerne sein würde)
Zusammenfassung: Iron Man erschießt Captain America. Das ist nicht der Anfang, es ist nur das Ende. Angefangen hat es viel, viel früher: mit dem Tesserakt, mit nächtlichen Ausflügen, mit schwarzen Augen, mit einer Krankheit und mit einem Rätsel, für das selbst Tony keine Lösung findet. Angefangen hat es mit vielen kleinen Dingen, doch das Ende bleibt gleich: Tony erschießt Steve.

LJ | AO3 | FF.de

Fanart-Masterpost von [livejournal.com profile] sweetestremedy: LJ | AO3
Seht es euch an, das Bild mit dem Feuerwerk ist einfach nur alsdfjaösdfjöaslkdfj. *fiept begeistert*

Mein Beitrag zum [livejournal.com profile] deutsch_bigbang 2012. Ansonsten hab ich nur noch eins zu sagen: I'M DONE.

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Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial )

And to make this post not quite so much about incest pointless, have some links:

Surreal Paintings by Jacek Yerka
Very pretty paintings. (I love the one with the bed outside.)

BS Detector - What are the hottest marketing buzzwords?
A video that's so accurate it's painful, especially in my branch of work.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi-Landscapes by Jonas De Ro
Abso-fucking-lutely amazing art of fantastic and/or futuristic places.

Avengers: avenging angels concept
The Avengers as angels. Seriously, the art is gorgeous and hits all my AU/crossover buttons (and yes, I still need to read that fic that was inspired by this fanart.) PS: There is more angels!art in the artist's gallery, and also other art for the Avengers and various other fandoms. Seriously, it's amazing!

Fic rec

Oct. 31st, 2012 03:32 pm
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in another country (people die) by pprfaith
“The world is not your playground, Stark!” Fury yells at him one time, after he maybe brings down a building or two and Tony just laughs because, seriously, yes it is.
Avengers movieverse, Tony, sometimes he thinks the world has no idea how relieved it should be that he flipped a coin that day and tails told him not to be a villain

There's a lot of fic out there of Tony pretending to be a villain, but in this one he actually is one - with all the best intentions, of course. Despite or maybe because this being a dark!AU, this fic is hauntingly in-character, because yes, I could totally see the reasoning in Tony's decision. Also, superb Loki-characterisation and a dash of Tony/Loki.
There's also a fantastic podfic-version of this: [podfic] in another country (people die) by reena_jenkins

The World That Forgot Tony Stark by shinkonokokoro
There's a reason Tony hates magic. And it's a good one. He's never been so glad for the fanfare his name has caused. Because it means the world knows him. Unlike this one.
Tony wakes up in a universe where he has never existed. What sounds like your typical fanfic-plot is actually really exciting and well written, a bit dark and fucked-up in some parts, and also highly addictive. The ending felt a little rushed, imho, but I still loved the hell out of this fic.

Another Country by victoria_p (musesfool)
Natasha has reconciled herself to the past in ways he can't yet, in ways he might never be able to.
Natasha/Bucky fic with wonderful characterisation.

festina lente (hurry slowly) by silverfoxflower
If anyone asked Steve – and a few reporters may well have, Steve wouldn’t know since Peggy had kept him from answering anything else outside controlled press conferences and faux-casual interviews – what his relationship was with Captain America, Steve would have said something like, “We’ve reached an understanding,” or, “He’s a good guy to have in a fight,” but nowhere in that statement would be the mention of friend, or partner or ally.
A role reversal fic featuring Steve Rogers (a.k.a Iron Man) as a billionaire, genius engineer with a heart of gold and Tony Stark (a.k.a Captain America) as a playboy American Hero who spent most of his backpay on his flashy lifestyle.

When I saw this fic mind just went "yesssssssssss". It reads wonderful and I love the tiny, but important differences, like how Tony used his role as Captain America to impress women. (Of course, he would.) And, just yes to everything.
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Anyone wants to rec me devastating angst-fic? Something along the lines of The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis or Delete by ashinan? Or Civil War related? I'll take pretty much anything, as long as it has buckets of Tony!angst without actually being wangsty. Alternately, Bucky would be great, too. Also Steve. In any combination.

Pretty please? I have craaaaaviiiiings. They need to be fulfilled.
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Fandom: Das Schwarze Auge (DSA)
Rating: PG-13
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: angedeutete Prostitution, OC

Darian hat mit vielen getanzt: mit reichen Damen, unerfahrenen Jünglingen, frustrierten Hausfrauen, verstohlenen Adelsmännern. Am Ende ist es ein Beruf wie alle anderen. Einer, bei dem man schnell verschwinden kann.

Because I promised Lou to post the background story for my new character.
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Fandom: Captain America
Pairing: Steve Rogers/James "Bucky" Barnes
Rating: R
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: Slash, Angst, Charaktertod, Folter, selbstverletzendes Verhalten, Drogenmissbrauch, Entzug, PTBS, Verfolgungswahn, Halluzinationen

Die Wahrheit ist: Steve hat ihn gerettet, doch ein Teil von Bucky liegt noch immer auf der Isolierstation und kämpft gegen Schatten, die nicht da sind. Ein Teil von ihm wird immer dort sein.

Eine Fic über Buckys Kriegsgefangenschaft und ihre Folgen. Ich bin mir bewusst, dass vieles nicht unbedingt realistisch ist, aber ich wollte vor allem die Stimmung des Songs "Stockholme Syndrome" von Blink 182 einfangen. Ja, im Prinzip ist das hier eine Songfic.
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Someone made a podfic for my recent fanfic "One of a handful"!!!!11

one of a handful [podfic], read by darlingsweet

adksfalfjlsj. Check it out, it's great!
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Fandom: Captain America, The Avengers, The Book Thief
Pairings, Characters: Steve Rogers, Death; mentions of Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Categories/Warnings: crossover, Slash, character death (this is a fic about Death, literally; be prepared for whatever that may entail)

The first time Death meets Steven Rogers, the sky is a sickly yellow with a tinge of grey heartache. - 5 times Death meets Steven Rogers. [The Avengers/The Book Thief crossover]

Yeah, please don't even ask me how my fic for the Big Bang is going. I'm trying to fend off the flock of plotbunnies slowly nibbling away at the ruins of my mind. Years and months of NOTHING and now I can't get a rest! *sighs*

Oh, and if anyone wants to beta this so I can put it on AO3? You'd be my hero. *puppy dog eyes*
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I indulged in my everlasting love for Vampire: The Masquerade and sorted the Avengers into Vampire clans. YES, THIS IS RELEVANT.
Tumblr-post with pictures

I wrote fic:

Fandom: Once Upon A Time, Inkheart/Tintenherz
Characters/Pairing: Jefferson (Mad Hatter)/Dustfinger
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Categories/warnings: crossover, pre-slash

„Who are you?“ the stranger asked, wary but not really surprised. - „Someone who's interested in your fire.“ [OUAT/Inkheart crossover]

Yes, you read that right. It seriously makes sense in my head.
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Fandom: Snow White and the Huntsman
Charaktere/Pairing: Snow White/Ravenna
Rating: R/NC-17
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: Femslash, dark!AU, Spoiler, wahrscheinlich OOC, "Sex und Gewalt" XD

'Ich kann sie töten.' Sie ist die einzige, die es kann. Sie hat nur niemals versprochen, dass sie es tun wird. - Snow White wird Ravennas Ritterin. [dark!AU]

My first attempt ever at femslash! I couldn't resist, Carlize Theron is just too hot.
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Fandom: Iron Man, Avengers
Charaktere/Pairing: pre Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: PG-13
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: SPOILER FÜR DEN AVENGERS FILM, pre-Slash, Tonys Vaterkomplex (der eine eigene Warnung verdient)

"Das ist der Kerl von dem mein Dad so begeistert war?" - Tony hat nicht nur einen Vaterkomplex, er hat auch einen Captain America-Komplex.

Die Idee kam durch Tonys obiges Zitat zustande, bzw. im Englischen sagt er da "This is the guy my dad wouldn't shut up about?" Und ich hatte auf einmal die Vorstellung von einem Tony, dessen Kindheit von Howards ständigem Gerede über Captain America heimgesucht wurde.
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Fandom: Iron Man, Avengers
Charaktere/Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: R
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: Slash; AU; ein paar Kraftausdrücke; sexuelle Situationen, aber nichts Explizites

Stark ist blitzschnell, ein Erfinder, jemand der Wege sieht, wo keine sind, oder sie schafft. Er ist ein Genie und Steve denkt: Das könnte es wert sein. Skandale, Exzesse – all das, wenn sie nur diesen Funken auf dem Spielfeld haben. [Avengers Fußball!AU]

Apparently, you can get the girl out of the footie-fandom, but the footie-fandom not out of the girl. Or: how I wrote the Avengers Football!AU. You know you want it, too. XD


Feb. 26th, 2012 09:08 pm
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Game of Thrones/Avengers crossover. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at the Night's Watch. IDEK, I just needed to get this written down. Nothing much happens, but PG-13, just to be sure. Not beta-ed, but I'll gladly correct anything pointed out to me.

Watchers on the Wall

„So, what made you take the black?“ Tony asks cheerily, because he is nothing if not nosy. )
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Fandom: Iron Man, Avengers
Charaktere/Pairing: Tony Stark, JARVIS, Steve Rogers; Andeutungen zu Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: PG-13
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: Pre-Slash; gen; PTBS

Es sollte eigentlich nur so eine KI werden, aber Tony konnte schon immer nur klotzen statt kleckern.
- Tony und JARVIS im Wandel der Jahre.

Meine erste längere Fic seit Ewigkeiten. Meine erste Fic seit Ewigkeiten. \o/
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Yuletide's up! Now I only need to calm down enough to actually start reading. *dances around*
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... this is a question for you.^^

Und zwar:

Ein paar von euch werden vielleicht meine dezente Begeisterung für den 3-Sentence-Ficathon bemerkt haben, der derzeit in [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilvers Journal läuft. (Wenn nicht: schaut rein, es lohnt sich echt.) Und weil ich das so toll finde, und weil ich finde, dass dem deutschen Fandom solche Dinge fehlen (die Big Bangs, die Yuletides, die Exchanges, die Ficathons, all das) und weil ich gerne wieder etwas Leben im Fandom sehen würde ... würde ich das ganze gerne auch machen. Auf Deutsch.

Das Prinzip:
Jemand postet einen Prompt mit Fandom, Charakter oder Pairing und einem Schlagwort oder einem Satz, der damit zu tun haben soll. Jemand anderes schreibt für diesen Prompt einen Fill, und zwar in genau 3 Sätzen. Nicht länger, nicht kürzer. Eine einfache, schnelle Sache und es können die interessantesten Ergebnisse dabei rauskommen. ;)

Ich würde mich bereit erklären das Ganze bei mir im Journal zu hosten und bei eventuellem Bedarf zu moderieren. Die Fragen wären aber:

Besteht überhaupt Interesse daran? Lohnt sich das? Gäbe es genug Leute, die Prompts posten, Fills schreiben und generell die Sache verbreiten? Würde das jemand (am besten eine/r mit einer relativ großen Flist) pimpen?

Eure Meinung bitte! Danke! :)


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