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Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:49 pm
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-cheerful helpers from the police,
I may be wrong, but attacking the fans in the first minute of the match with teargas doesn't look like an efficient way to keep things cool and quiet - at least it does not to me. (But then, I didn't see what was happening down there.)

it's not even that you're in the wrong. You're not, at least not entirely and not all the time. It's that the moment things start to heat up, you act so mind-boggingly stupid that you give "them" the right to act like they do and which they didn't have before.

you. Suck. You're the suckiest suck that ever sucked on this sucky earth. I propose you do something and you should do it fast, because otherwise you'll be playing 3. Liga and not even I will do that to myself.

-football in general,
I think I don't love you anymore. It's not you, it's me - or actually, it's you, too, but there's not much you can do about it, anyway. I wish I was just frustrated, but I'm not. I'd have to care for that.

-Alex Meier,
... call me traitor, but I still like you. *flails just a little*


Jul. 31st, 2011 10:22 pm
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Uhm, yeah. Two more Mo/Dustfinger drabbles, because they jump out of the pages at me and beg me to write about them. I mean, it's not like I don't have other stuff to write (that Thor/Star Treck crossover - yes, it's still alive - and another Ultraverse part), but they are so deliciously angst-ridden, I just can't resist, okay? XD

Tintenherz (Inkheart), Mo Folchart/Staubfinger (Dustfinger), PG-13, German.

Etwas anderes )

Flamme und Tinte )

PS: Dear KSC, I LIKE your new style. Rock on. ♥
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I haven't talked about footie in this journal for quite a while and for good reasons - there was nothing to tell. My team sucks and in that it is pretty stable and constant, so too much whining or ranting is a waste of energy. But today was such a remarkable loss that I need to type down a few moments, simply because they were so incredibly terrible omg my poor babies amusing.

KSC & Hertha fans - the greatest romance that was never told )

I swear, it would be hilarious, if it weren't so damn fucking bitter at the same time. And it started out as such a fun game - Hertha! A pretty choreography by the supporters! A 1-0 lead in the first half! ... And then it went all downhill.
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Uhm ... wow? o_o

Oh, Japan.

Jun. 29th, 2010 07:31 pm
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Damn, this is why I hate penalty shoot-outs. :((( And I feel so sorry for Komano. Wouldn't want to be in his skin tonight.

And somewhat related: my Japanese exam should be interesting. Interesting as: in ridiculously fail-y and bad. We had a test exam today and everyone knew almost nothing. XD Oh well, after the first three horror exams are over, I'll have some time to look over the grammar. Broadcasting Technics, however, is driving me nuts and anxious. The scripts and materials are a mess and I don't even know what to expect ... Argh.

ETA: Before I forget: the KSC boys at the training camp. Featuring rather cute pictures such as these:


I really wanna squish them all. ♥
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Footie babbling )

In other news, I saw Iron Man 2 tonight and really liked it. Tony Stark, you cocky magnificent bastard. <3 And I have a weird craving to read a graphic novel/comic lately. I almost ordered one tonight, but then got stuck on the choice of either Watchmen or the Sandman series and hell, anyone who knows me knows I suck at decisions. Sandman sounds like the coolest thing ever, but I don't have the money to buy another 9 books, if I like it. So Watchmen would be reasonable. But ... Sandman. And then I'm stuck in a loop. Suggestions?
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Why did I love football again? - Oh yeah, right. Because of THIS.

'Nuff said. Also, the bigger brother of the Langkamps aka Matthias is blond now. Interesting.

And an icon meme snagged from [ profile] scarlet_carsons .

Meme time! )
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YESYESYES. Thank you, guys. <3
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We WON! \o/

I couldn't even remember what that felt like, but damn, it feels good. And it was so much fun at the stadium. Today is a good day, yis.


Feb. 10th, 2010 12:49 pm
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My mom pointed this one out to me:

Brennpunkt KSC (
Stadion, Sponsoren, Struktur: Der KSC steckt in der Krise. Dem neuen Präsidenten Paul Metzger weht ein eisiger Wind ins Gesicht. Die nächsten Wochen werden entscheidend für den Traditionsverein.

Nothing entirely new, but still: hooray. *snorts*

Oh, and this is hilarious and so true: Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed.
And then Buffy staked Edward. The End. )
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KSC, you suck, but oh, why do I even bother? Because I don't. *rolls eyes*

I am highly demotivated to do anything for our Uni project. The documentation has to be finished around Monday or Tuesday, after that there's the presentation on Thursday (in a probably full lecture hall *is so gonna die*). Luckily, most of the writing is already done, just some final additions to make and such ... but this is exactly what I'm not in the mood for right now. And then there's all the learning I really need to start with ... Blerch.

And just because I lovelovelove Sten and need to have him constantly in my Dragon Age party from now on:
Alistair: Don't you ever talk? You know, make polite conversation just to put people at ease?
Sten: You mean that I should remark upon the weather before I cut off a man's head?
Alistair: ... Nevermind.

(I am well aware that this post is entirely random and unnecessary.)
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I have teh Internetz again. Yay! (Honestly, Telekom ... a stronghold of chaos and incompetence.)

Soooo, what's new? I just realised how freaking much I actually still have to do, especially since next week there will be a Big Important Presentation and then, in only a few weeks, examinations! *freaks out* How did that happen? Again? Why am I always surprised at how little time there's actually left? *rolls eyes* Anyhow, I really need to get working from now on. 

Oh, and anyone interested in some pictures of the KSC doing training in Belek? There are some nice pics in this gallery, although no interesting shots of anyone in particular. Meh.

Also, since I had no internet and obviously wasn't working much - with what did I waste my entire time? Well, first of all, I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, which was awesome. I still think the pacing and entire chapters dedicated to unimportant side-characters were pretty exasperating, but the witty, charming and so very British writing made up a lot for it. Also, the great story that came to a wonderful ending. I won't say much about it, but if you bring some patience, a lot of time and a pot of hot tea with you, the book will make it worthwhile.

And then there was Dragon Age: Origins. A lot of rambling and swooning, in which Tess goes a little crazy over a game and admits that she cried like a baby because of it. )

Also, this is totally my new favourite song: This is war, 30 Seconds to Mars, the ending song to Dragon Age.
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So ... I probably don't need to mention that the KSC lost this weekend - of course. I can't even bring up any frustration, because I hardly care anymore. I'm trying to keep up the love and sympathy, but with almost the entire old team gone and no success at all ... it's hard. Very hard. I don't know. Football just annoys me, the thought of the players that left depresses me and there's not even anyone left to fangirl except for the Langkamps (who are currently not playing) and the Capos (and how nuts is that?).

Luckily, I'm still occupied with wallowing in the epic awesomeness that is Glee and infecting other people with it ("other people" being [ profile] louphoenix ;)). It puts me into a great mood, it's addictive and the music is so good. There is so much chemistry that I'm really undecided about who to ship and create weird OT3 and OT4 and orgies in my mind. Also: Puck. <3 I just love it.

In other news, I'm currently playing "Dragon Age: Origins" on PS3 which is a great videogame RPG. It's been a long while since a computer game had me hooked that much, but the interaction and the characters are really good. I'm really excited what's going to happen next (and if my character will be able to seduce Alistair ... and Leliana ... and Morrigan. XD) Morrigan is such a cool bitch witch. Also: prrrretty outfit. *__* If I still visited any conventions I'd totally wanna cosplay this. (ETA: Omg, there's a fandom with fanfic. Not that I should be surprised. And I cannot read anything, because I'm not through with the game yet. I'm already spoilered as it is.)

PS: I still need presents for my parents. Argh. *pulls at hair*


Nov. 22nd, 2009 10:59 pm
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A Langkamp-drabble in German (PG & Gen, so pretty harmless ;)). Kind of an ironic little snippet on how annoying the current situation is.

Was man nicht alles für kleine Brüder macht ...
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Vampire Requiem's over. Yay! Or maybe not quite yay, because all our characters died before the actual ending. *coughs* And there was only such little playtime left (maybe one session, probably even less)! But trying to fight against 10 or so Hunters is stupid and suicidal.
Well, Sarah kind of survived, because we noticed afterwards that she actually still had time to flee, meaning Noah won't become a cold-hearted bitter asshole after he lost her. XD Also meaning that I'm pretty tempted to write down the ending, because we couldn't play it out. The ending, plus the entire campaign we played since ... um, April? Yeah, I know. *feels crazy*

Either way, we're playing DSA now and it's already very exciting. I play a dwarf who wants to become a famous writer and our group more or less stranded in a city called Chorhop, where everything is ruled by luck and gambling. They even draw lots to elect their officials. Isn't this awesome? I'm so curious what's going to happen there. *wibbles*

In other news, KSC you suck so much. I say this as a loving fan, but you just ... suck. *sighs*
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I know I'm a little early, but since I'll have to get up early tomorrow and it's officially the 25th of September I guess I'm allowed to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] louphoenix and [ profile] swizzley !!! *glomps both of you* Have a wonderful day, you two!

And look, I bring presents!

For you, dear Lou, probably the first Falco-ficlet in the www (or maybe not, but we didn't find any proof against that, yet, did we? ;)). I hope the characters are okay. I hope it's historically correct. I hope ... well, I hope you like it.

Fandom: Falco Mystery Series (by Lindsey Davis)
Rating: PG
Language: German
Characters: Falco, Petro
Warnings: I really tried slashing them, but they wouldn't let me ... so, the boy love is only there if you squint.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made, you know the drill.
Summary: No matter how Falco looks at it: Britannia sucks.


Untitled - I'll try to come up with something asap, I promise )

And for you, dear [ profile] swizzley , a bunch of icons of which I hope you like them. :)

Icons! )

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Oi, picspam! Because I'm in a super-fluffy mood and because the team provided us with lots of cuddling last night (meaning: they actually had a reason to cuddle, ohmygosh). Let's be honest: we didn't have a lot of fun with this team lately what with everything going downhill, the team breaking apart, firing the trainer and, well, losing almost every match pathetically. So let's enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

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I say we always get the Monday matches from now on. At least when we're not playing at home.

... And maybe change our coach each time - but I guess I'll wait for the next few matches to be sure about that theory.

Also, the Langkamp brothers start winning over my heart.

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1-0     I was about to say how crazy this team drives me and how resignated I have become about any sort of loss, until ...
1-1     WTF. A goal. For US. O_O *stunned*

Dear commentator, stop rubbing into our faces which players left our team. We know what and who we lost. Thank you.

I'm sure I died a little during this penalty ... *pulls at hair*

(And I just realised that Timo Staffeldt is playing. Wow.)

1-2     And that would be - another goal?! O_O

1-3     And ANOTHER ONE. ASDLFAJSDFLSDF. (And there was brother!cuddling!)


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