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I'm 98 percent sure this must be a joke, the other 2 percent are laughing facepalming crying in a corner.

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What is this feeling? from Wicked is my favourite song at the moment. Like, I could listen to it all day long. There are hilarious music videos for it as well, such as this Harry/Draco one which is perfection. I WANT A MAIK FRANZ/MARIO GOMEZ VID LIKE THAT SO BADLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA. WAAAANNNNT. Maik is totally Elphaba, although it would work with him as Galinda (>>>blond) too.

Tag 13 – Ein Buch, bei dem du nur lachen kannst / A book you can't read without laughing

Twilight Just kiddin. ;P

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

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ETA: Vollidiot by Tommy Jaud (in English something like "Complete Idiot")

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1. Supernatural 5x11. Damn, that was intense. And really good, at least in my opinion. *adds this to her list of favourite SPN episodes, right next to "In my time of dying"*

2. I am really considering to go on Fasnacht tonight, but then - how am I going to get home? And I haven't really anybody I could go with ... so, yeah. Rather not.

3. Top five guilty pleasures when it comes to football players. Baaaah. I'm a sheep and cannot focus on MIME protocols or client/server architecture. No real order of the players.

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Karlsruhes Maik Franz hat am Mittwoch (7.4.) zum ersten Mal nach seiner Verletzung wieder am Mannschaftstraining teilgenommen. [...] erklärte Trainer Edmund Becker in der vergangenen Woche: "Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass er in drei Wochen vielleicht wieder spielt."
>> Bundesliga.de

DANKE, Fußballgott. Wenn wir ihn vielleicht schon beim Abstieg verlieren, will ich ihn zumindest nochmal in Blauweiß spielen sehen. Abgesehen davon ist das Bild äußerst drollig. XD

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I know there probably have been tons of posts like this all over LJ in the past few weeks, but:


Random note #1: Saw the new Harry Potter trailer, too. *squees* Omg, can't wait to see that one as well.
Random note #2: Maik Franz now has an official homepage with very cute pictures and some other interesting stuff. ^^
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...Which was one hell of an unsatisfactory match. *grmbls* The best part of it probably was the Ultra's choreography. (Probably the one they had planned for the Hertha/KSC match, but weren't allowed to do.)

("We stick together like the wind and the sea.")

Awwwwwwww. I mean, I don't care all that much about Hertha, but that close fan-friendship really is kind of cute and touching.

Apart from that, there were: goal chances that weren't properly used, Iashvili trying to act like some sort of wannabe Brazilian dribbling god, Cottbus playing crappy and our team still not winning... so yeah. The usual frustrating stuff. It was a shitty draw that should have been a victory for us. Maik looked pretty down and disappointed after the final whistle.

Oh, and speaking of Maik Franz: it's awesome how - ever since that witchhunt after him started - all a player needs to do is let himself merely get touched to play the dying swan on the pitch and thus causing Maik to get a yellowcard for doing exactly nothing. (Whereas they can commit nasty fouls and get...? Right, no card for it.) Oh, how I love the justice of football.  *snorts*
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Auf Krücken gestützt beobachtete Franz das Treiben seiner Koellegen beim Training. Eine Oberschenkelprellung macht dem 26-Jährigen zu schaffen, der Innenverteidiger droht für den Auftritt der Badener bei den Ostwestfalen auszufallen. Eine Kernspintomographie soll nach Vereinsangaben vom Montag Aufschluss über die Behandlungsmöglichkeiten geben.

(Von Kicker.de)

Hab's ja gestern schon bei SiD gesehen, aber hier nochmal die Bestätigung. Armes Kampfschwein, wir wissen ja, wie schwer Maik es nimmt, wenn er nur zusehen kann - und das nach dem tollen, ereignisreichen WE mit offizieller Liebeserklärung der Ultras... :(((

PS: Ich laufe schon den ganzen Tag mit debilem Grinsen im Gesicht herum. XDDD
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Szene: II – Harder To Breathe
[personal profile] ayascythe 
Maik Franz/OC
Slash/RPS, language
Hat [personal profile] rotschopf übernommen. Danke dir! :3
Disclaimer: Maik Franz ist eigenständige Person, die ich mir nur für diese kurze Story ausgeliehen und missbraucht habe. David ist erfunden und soll keinen Falls eine real existierende Person darstellen. Das ganze ist komplett frei erfunden und ich verdiene hiermit kein Geld.

Zusammenfassung: Star und Fan, schwul und homophob, Fußballer und Ultra – es kann einfach nicht gut gehen, wenn zwei Welten aufeinander prallen. Oder? (Frühere Teile gibt es hier.)

A/N: Hier also nach einer langen Weile der zweite Teil der Serie. Lyrics und Titel entnommen von Maroon5's "Harder to Breathe". Kon. Krit. wie immer erwünscht. ^^

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I think I have a new favourite subject: entertainment law! V. v. exciting and interesting, especially since half of what we discuss in our lecture are things that I already deal with everyday on LJ and in fandom (copyright, etc.).

Also, this sounds like a very, very trashy fanfic that I would love to read:


But Maik/Effe? Errr... not really. *coughs*
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PS: Cottbus, ihr seid klasse! XDDD


Mar. 9th, 2008 04:52 pm
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...because I felt like it. *coughs, is not LJ-addicted, not at all, coughs* Yesterday's summary in very few, very short sentences:

- Maik with captain's armband. Guh. *drools*

- Werder, wtf?!

- My RL is on a very good way to be sorted out. :)

- My tinnitus is, yet again, in a phase of becoming worse. Huzzah. :/

- I'm really, really unable to hold my liquor. XD

Oh, and Maik Franz will be on Sport im Dritten on SWR-BW tonight, so be sure to watch it if you can. :D


Feb. 26th, 2008 08:00 pm
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In the middle of friends being incredibly bitchy, because I forgot an arrangement (You don't want to discuss it? Well, fine. Then stop being a fucking bitch about it. I apologized. *snarls*), Armin Veh insulting Maik, Roman and Deniz apparently breaking up for good and me getting sick, there is not much left to raise my spirits today.

However, this video of Dennis Grabosch and Igor Dolgatschew is just too cute. Roman and Deniz may be over, but RPS never dies! XD
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Aaaaaaaaaaand: we drew! Which is good. Really good. I half expected another disaster just like last time, but. It didn't happen. Whee!

Today's facts:

- Ogling Adler's pretty legs and backside at the boring moments of a match is much love. XDDD

- Ede, please take Iashvili out of the starting line-up. That guy is giving me a nervous breakdown with his dribble, especially when he comes anywhere near the opponent's goal.

- Someday soon, I'm going to walk down onto that pitch and strangle every single KSC-player myself. Whaaaaaaaat the hell, boys. Ever heard of actually using your scoring chances?

- Eiche, let me have your hypothetical & gay babies! Oh, he's getting better and better with every match. *hearts* (Please stay in KA, will ya? *begs*)

- Wonderful weather, but also friggin cold. *is still freezing*

- I so need to slash Maik and René. *is slightly crazy*

ETA: The way Maik fangirls René is just. MWAH. ("I won't be able to sleep tonight"?! Oh Maik, you're killing me.)

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Autor: [personal profile] ayascythe
Fandom: Fußball
Charaktere/Pairings: Maik Franz, Clemens Fritz, Mario Eggimann und diverse OCs. Wild gemischt.
Rating: PG-13
Einstufungen/Warnungen: RPS/Slash, Language, Angst, Angst und... Angst?
Disclaimer: Clemens Fritz, Mario Eggimann und Maik Franz sind eigenständige Personen, die ich mir nur für diese kurze Story ausgeliehen und missbraucht habe. Das ganze ist komplett frei erfunden und ich verdiene hiermit kein Geld.

Zusammenfassung: Ein Maik Franz macht nicht einfach so die Beine breit. Außer, wenn er es eben doch tut. // Das Ablegen von Stolz und Prinzipien in acht Schritten.

A/N: Fragestellung: Wie mache ich einen Maik Franz systematisch so kaputt, dass er freiwillig die Beine breitmacht? Antwort: Nachzulesen unter dem Cut, eine Anleitung in acht Schritten/Drabbles. XD
Jedes Drabble kann für sich alleine stehen, ergibt aber zusammen mit den Zwischenkommentaren eine ganze Story. Der Stil ist mal was ganz Neues, aber irgendwie gefällt er mir sehr. Und, eh, ich glaube, ich war diesmal wirklich, wirklich grausam. *hüstel*



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Pairing: Maik Franz/Mario Eggimann
Einstufungen/Warnungen: RPS/Slash, Angst
Nicht meins, niemals passiert und ich mach auch kein Geld hiermit.

Basiert auf einem RPG, in dem Eggi und Maik einen nicht so glücklichen Ausgang haben.

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Thanks to a nice hint by [profile] louphoenix, I went and got myself the most recent issue of the Sport BLÖD. Mainly because of these two pages (and isn't this just absolutely an adorable picture? *sighs*):

A double-interview with Mario Eggimann and Maik Franz (because obviously, you cannot have one without the other, right? *stupid grin*), in which they talk about the first half of the BuLi season, about the surprising success the KSC has had and about how they trust each other practically blindly on the pitch (yes, they put it exactly like that XD).

(Only in German, sorry. But if someone's interested, I could translate it.)

*flails* Isn't this just about the cutest thing ever? The way they're always emphasising how well they fit together off and on the pitch and how Maiki doesn't want Eggi to have more goals than him (they still have that bet going on, right?) and... mwah. *waves OTP-flag*

Oh, and there's the first part of an interview with Mario Eggimann on ka-news.de that you can find here.


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Heute Morgen aus der Zeitung:

Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, warum sich das so anhört wie eine meiner ca. ein Dutzend verworfenen Frust-Abbau-Fics, in denen Maik die Kabineneinrichtung verwüstet und Eggi ihn wieder disziplinieren trösten muss? *kichert amüsiert* Och Maiki... Nich aufregen. Der Käptn wird's schon wieder richten. XD

Mir gefällt auch die Formulierung "wieder aufrichten wollen" sehr... [/pubertierendes Kleinkind-Modus]



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