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I have this week off, been getting up at 7 or 8 o'clock each morning, feel like I'm not doing enough with the free time that I'm given and it feels like time is running out of my hands. On top of that, I feel bad for taking vacation at a time when work is being crazy, but then it's always crazy and it never gets better, so when else am I supposed to take off? Or in short: I cannot relax, because all I can think about is ticking off the days I have left until I have to work again. *facepalms*

I watch too many TV shows. Like, dear god, when did I start watching all of this? And why do they all have to get back from spring break now? I'm 3 eps behind in TVD, I keep forgetting to catch up with The Borgias and I still need to check out Game of Thrones. Doctor Who is being awesome spoiler ), Supernatural not so much, but I'll forgive them for it for moments like this one (spoiler for 6x17). And then there is Glee, which is a mess - as usual -, but I really did enjoy the last episode. Santana is so much love.

- Star Wars turned out to be quite the fun game. It's an easy enough system, my character is a nice change (a loudmouthed Zabrak mechanic) and we have two new players who brought in a badly needed breath of fresh air. One of us has already gone darkside and it was duh-rrrama! Heeh. :D

- I have written about 8 pages of catharsis-fic about my dead RPG character that I'll probably never finish (or post) because it's a clusterfuck of wannabe-mindfuck. But it's kind of helping me to overcome that inner rage of "But it's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaair" that I still feel when I think of the end of the campaign. (In case, anyone hasn't noticed yet, yeah, I can't let things that bug me go that easily.) At least it made me rewatch "Stay" for inspiration, which made me realise how great its soundtrack is. <3

- I'm also preparing the Dragon Age RPG, which I think is going to be fun. *is excited as well as a little nervous*
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Being overly attached to your RPG character is a terrible, terrible thing. Especially when he has Dean Winchester-like tendencies to martyrdom and would sacrifice himself in every way possible to save his friends. Or make contracts with demons to bring them back from the dead ... Luckily, he didn't. But, oh, that was close. My poor nerves.

Every session, I keep waiting for us all to die, die, dieee, because our gamemaster is an evil, evil person who likes to fuck with us and we are probably the stupidest group of roleplayers ever and unable to learn from our mistakes ("Oh, there's a dark, dark streetcorner that might be perfect for an ambush! Let's run blindly into it and fight 20 bandits, no matter how little chances we have of winning!").

As much as I adore playing my herald (poor little emo-boy), I'll be glad when this is over and we'll be starting to play Dragon Age (with Savage Worlds rules). With me being gamemaster - and strangely enough, the thought of it doesn't make me nervous at all but rather excited. Probably because I'm so comfortable with this world and already know a lot about it from the game.
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Glee 2x05 )

I need the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age. Like, yesterday. In Germany, it's only available as a download for about 50€. And the content is all English despite the fact that the game, the add-on and all DLCs already have a German dub. The UK import, on the other hand, costs about 30€ and comes on an actual DVD ... Your logic, I do not get it. This is not how reasonable marketing works. *sighs* Ah, well. UK import, it is then.
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The trailer seems to say nothing at all about the game, as usual (except for the last couple seconds which are intriguing), but I'm still rather excited about it. And it looks very pretty. Maybe I should go and hunt down some info about it. (I heard you won't be able to change your character's race, which is a little "meh".)
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Loghain makes it up to Cailan

I really like Loghain (and Loghain/Maric), but this is ... just kind of ... uhm, WEIRD.
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The thing about playing out your Dragon Age character the evil way is: it's not really fun, at least not for me. I thought it would be great to piss Alistair off, bully everyone around and generally be an asshole, but. It's just ... not.
For one thing, I am too much of a goody two-shoes, so pissed off characters make me nearly physically uncomfortable (yeah I know it's just a game, but - aaaah, I cannot bear it). Another thing is that I am a crazy perfectionist when it comes to computer games and character disapproval annoys the hell out of me because IT'S RUINING MY PERFECT GAMEPLAY with perfect results and each and every quest solved.
Besides, I feel like you're missing out on a lot of quests (ergo: experience points) and there's no real (evil) compensation for them. (Example: if you refuse to help out the people in Redcliffe, you'll miss out on an entire area with quests and battles.) MEH. Being evil isn't always that easy, it seems. Or is it just me?
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1. My copy of Dragon Age: Origins for my PC arrived! I'm so excited for this, because it means a) I don't have to rely on J.'s PS3 anymore and b) I can finally play the Shale quest. *bounces*

2. SOMEONE WROTE FIC FOR MY TV SHOW MEME. It's a three sentence fic and it's so lovely and spot-on:
Ethan & Darcie, listening by [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23  *flails*

TODAY IS AWESOME. *runs off to start a play-through with the mage-origin and probably will not be seen for many days from now on*
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In case there will ever be a live-action movie of Dragon Age: Origins, I firmly believe - and no one will convince me otherwise - that Jensen Ackles would make a splendid Alistair. Right down to the silly jokes and the grimaces.

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It's way too early and I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but I have to wait till nine o'clock until the lecture starts / the lecture has started now, but it's so frustratingly boring.
So let me just drop a few quotes of a chapter that quite made my morning. Short info: the book is a prequel to the Dragon Age game and tells the story of King Maric, his outlaw friend Loghain and Rowan (to whom Maric is betrothed). Together with their rebel army, they try to free Ferelden of the Orlesian reign. The book is not an epiphany considering narration or style, but it's good in a solid way. And it's a great way to get to know the characters a bit more. (To think that I really, really hated Loghain before I started the book, and now he's one of my favourite characters in the DAO universe ...)

(b)romance ahead <3 )

Dawwww.<3 Consider this shipped and slashed. XD
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KSC, you suck, but oh, why do I even bother? Because I don't. *rolls eyes*

I am highly demotivated to do anything for our Uni project. The documentation has to be finished around Monday or Tuesday, after that there's the presentation on Thursday (in a probably full lecture hall *is so gonna die*). Luckily, most of the writing is already done, just some final additions to make and such ... but this is exactly what I'm not in the mood for right now. And then there's all the learning I really need to start with ... Blerch.

And just because I lovelovelove Sten and need to have him constantly in my Dragon Age party from now on:
Alistair: Don't you ever talk? You know, make polite conversation just to put people at ease?
Sten: You mean that I should remark upon the weather before I cut off a man's head?
Alistair: ... Nevermind.

(I am well aware that this post is entirely random and unnecessary.)
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*coughs* This is just some random catharsis craziness that jumped at me before I wanted to go to bed. Feel free to ignore, I'm sure it has tons of typos and grammar mistakes, anyway. XD

Dragon Age: Origins - PG-13 - Alistair/PC (Mahariel) - major ending spoilers - angst, death and sacrifice (d'uh).

Yay, Dragon Age fic. )
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So, it's that time of year again and here are my Yuletide Recs. ;) I have read quite a bit more than the ones below and I plan to read even more, but these are the fics that especially stuck out for me. Hopefully some of you will find something interesting among them; I fear these are all very obscure and unknown fandoms on my flist. :/ Maybe I should do a second rec post, when I've read something more popular ...

The Recs
The Book Thief - The Guild - Fanboys - Dragon Age: Origins - Calvin & Hobbes - Glee - Skip Beat! - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
 The recs. )
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I have teh Internetz again. Yay! (Honestly, Telekom ... a stronghold of chaos and incompetence.)

Soooo, what's new? I just realised how freaking much I actually still have to do, especially since next week there will be a Big Important Presentation and then, in only a few weeks, examinations! *freaks out* How did that happen? Again? Why am I always surprised at how little time there's actually left? *rolls eyes* Anyhow, I really need to get working from now on. 

Oh, and anyone interested in some pictures of the KSC doing training in Belek? There are some nice pics in this gallery, although no interesting shots of anyone in particular. Meh.

Also, since I had no internet and obviously wasn't working much - with what did I waste my entire time? Well, first of all, I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, which was awesome. I still think the pacing and entire chapters dedicated to unimportant side-characters were pretty exasperating, but the witty, charming and so very British writing made up a lot for it. Also, the great story that came to a wonderful ending. I won't say much about it, but if you bring some patience, a lot of time and a pot of hot tea with you, the book will make it worthwhile.

And then there was Dragon Age: Origins. A lot of rambling and swooning, in which Tess goes a little crazy over a game and admits that she cried like a baby because of it. )

Also, this is totally my new favourite song: This is war, 30 Seconds to Mars, the ending song to Dragon Age.
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So ... I probably don't need to mention that the KSC lost this weekend - of course. I can't even bring up any frustration, because I hardly care anymore. I'm trying to keep up the love and sympathy, but with almost the entire old team gone and no success at all ... it's hard. Very hard. I don't know. Football just annoys me, the thought of the players that left depresses me and there's not even anyone left to fangirl except for the Langkamps (who are currently not playing) and the Capos (and how nuts is that?).

Luckily, I'm still occupied with wallowing in the epic awesomeness that is Glee and infecting other people with it ("other people" being [livejournal.com profile] louphoenix ;)). It puts me into a great mood, it's addictive and the music is so good. There is so much chemistry that I'm really undecided about who to ship and create weird OT3 and OT4 and orgies in my mind. Also: Puck. <3 I just love it.

In other news, I'm currently playing "Dragon Age: Origins" on PS3 which is a great videogame RPG. It's been a long while since a computer game had me hooked that much, but the interaction and the characters are really good. I'm really excited what's going to happen next (and if my character will be able to seduce Alistair ... and Leliana ... and Morrigan. XD) Morrigan is such a cool bitch witch. Also: prrrretty outfit. *__* If I still visited any conventions I'd totally wanna cosplay this. (ETA: Omg, there's a fandom with fanfic. Not that I should be surprised. And I cannot read anything, because I'm not through with the game yet. I'm already spoilered as it is.)

PS: I still need presents for my parents. Argh. *pulls at hair*


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