Dec. 16th, 2012 09:33 am
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Make Your Own Hobbiton Miniature Garden
For all the Hobbit and/or gardening fans on my flist. I thought this was a lovely idea even though I'm too lazy to try it myself.

The Filipino Mythical Horror Creatures
Filipino vampires and other creepy shit! Because we have cool myths, too!

He-Man She-Ra Christmas Faux Sweater
If you still need fugly Christmas fashion, this might be just what you were looking for ... XD

Fucking amazing concept art.
Nuff said.

Realistic landscapes made out of food. I'm getting hungry just by looking at it.

Unique Bookshelves Designs You Would Like To Own
Yes, I would. And you would, too. *keeps ogling*

Also: vids )
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The Paradox of Liking Women, Liking Superhero Comics
What I’m saying is that superhero comics are not for girls, because they are sexist.

Read this. It's a great, well thought-out piece of meta about sexism in comics - although it's also a wistful declaration of love for a thing that doesn't love you back.

Also, I recently saw The Bournce Legacy and thought that Aaron Cross/Eric Byer would make a great ship, which made me look for fic, which then led me to Bourne/Avengers crossovers (because of reasons), which finally led me to Clint-fic.

So, basically, this is just a bunch of fics about Jeremy Renner being awesome. )
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So, one of the cool things about working online and doing design stuff is that you get to surf on a lot of funny designing sites with great pictures. Here are a few of the things I stumbled upon, plus some other stuff that is ~relevant~ to me.

Paintings of Russian Generals with celebrety faces.
My favourites are Sir Ian McKellen and - YIS - Robert Downey Jr.

Some very awesome Avengers illustrations.

Minimalist superhero posters.

The Many Faces Of
This is a site that composes blog entries about actors in some of their roles under a certain topic. Like, Alan Rickman playing villains. It's really great and funny and there are even awesome statistics and graphics to support their theories. XD Be sure to check out Rickman and DiCaprio, but beware spoilers if you haven't seen their movies yet.

Homosexualität im Fußball: "Wir brauchen keinen schwulen Märtyrer"
"Du schwule Sau" oder "Du Schwuchtel" wird jeder Fußball-Fan im Stadion schon einmal gehört haben. Das Wort "schwul" wird im Fußball als Verhöhnung der Gegner eingesetzt. Im Gegensatz zur Politik oder der Unterhaltungsbranche scheint der deutsche Fußball eine schwulenfreie Szene zu sein. Wir sprachen mit Mario Weiße, dem Chef des schwulen/lesbischen Fanklubs "Queerpass Bayern" über homosexuelle Fans, Outing und die Probleme in deutschen Stadien.

Yeah, I know I'm pretty much out of the footie fandom, but things like that still keep my attention and despite gmx being a horrible site, this is actually a decent article. Nothing quite new, but readable.

And last but not least: I wrote the first ~350 words of my fic for the Deutsch Big Bang. \o/ Haha, I know, it's not a lot, but considering the fact that I've been dancing around this for almost 2 months, this is huge progress. One of the reasons why I finally started writing might have been this tumblr post WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH THE START AND THE CLIMAX OF MY STORY. Asdfjlsjdlfkd. BRB, watching those gifs forever.
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Of Monsters by jibrailis [gen]
Yusuf is a dream-eater.
An intriguing premise and a fantastic, fascinating fic.

Lions and Tigers by Starlingthefool (Inception/Calvin & Hobbes crossover) [Arthur/Eames]
What were you like as a kid?” Eames asks him.
“Quiet,” Arthur says. “I lived in my head a lot. You?”
“I did too,” Eames replies. “Only I was never quiet about it.”
A story about growing up, sort of.

In which Calvin grows up to be Eames AND THIS MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE THAN IT SOUNDS LIKE, REALLY. It's such a clever idea and you can totally see the references to the comics and it just makes sense in a wonderful, wistful way.

Empires Of Wood by sazzafraz (Avengers/Inception fusion) [Tony/Steve]
In which nothing is as it seems, being awake is not the same as not dreaming and Tony Stark cannot catch a freaking break. Inception fusion. Sort of. Mostly just takes a few ideas and runs with it.
I haven't recced this yet, have I? Because this is awesome. It's still a WIP so be warned - there are mean cliffhangers, but it reads so terrifically Inception-esque and I just love it.

Also this:
An interesting article that compares the movie Inception to film-making.
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Because this fandom is still so small and needs more love, even though it is the slashiest thing I have come across since, I don't know, Brokeback Moutain?

Four reasons to love The Eagle of the Ninth (includes spoilers and quotes)

1. It's (b)romantic. (Book!verse) )

2. It's full of UST and powerplay. (Movie!verse) )

3. Even the actors are in love (RPS). )

4. Mr. Handsome and Mr. Pretty. (aka: eyecandy) )

Nuff said. :D
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It's almost NaNoWriMo time! Anyone participating this year? I decided to take this as an opportunity to write the draft for the first half of my Bachelor thesis, because I love the concept of NaNo (someday, I'll manage to use it to write an acutal story/novel) and because I seem to work a lot better when I have a deadline coming up, as imaginary as it may be.
Furthermore, I'll be at least writing something ... It feels like the moment I started working again my last bit of imagination went out of the window. :( I mean, I haven't been very creative this year either way, but when I try to write a drabble or a few sentences now it all ends up being boring, meaningless crap. Meh. I want my mojo back.

In other news: McDonalds food apparently doesn't rot. Err ... okay.


Jul. 26th, 2010 03:29 pm
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Amazon Sells More E-Books Than Hardcover Copies
Over the past three months, Amazon reports selling 143 Kindle e-books for every 100 hardcovers. And over the past month, for every 100 hardcover books Amazon has sold, it has sold 180 Kindle e-books.

This probably comes off as a little crazy, but something about this makes me raise my hackles. I had my first computer when I was 9, grew up as/into a media geek and wouldn't trade the internet for anything in the world. I have read more fanfiction on a computer than I could count, but the thought of solid real books slowly but eventually disappearing from our society somehow terrifies me. :/ - Damn, I feel like Giles from "Buffy". Also old.

Tag 26 – Ein Buch, aus dem du deinen Kindern vorlesen würdest / A book you would read to your children

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer/The flying Classroom by Erich Kństner )
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Somehow, I find this to be incredibly adorable:

Ein Ingolstädter für die Philippinen - »Ich dachte an einen Irrtum« (An Ingoldstädter plays for the Philippines - "I thought it was a mistake")

Seems to be a nice guy. Now I want to see the Philippine national team play, but according to Wikipedia they're too crappy to reach more than the first rounds, lol. (I also feel a little stupid for never looking them up on the internet before.) Anyone knows when the next Asian tournament might be? XD

Tag 14 – Ein Buch aus deiner Kindheit / A book from your childhood

Achtung, Zeitfalle! by Andreas Schlüter (in English ~ "Watch out, time trap!")

summary + lots of gushing )

Err ...

Mar. 12th, 2010 10:13 am
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This kind of makes me want to bang my head into the next wall:

Leonardo Da Vinci is Warner Bros' New Action-Adventure Star
Leonardo Da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever, which re-imagines Da Vinci as a member of a secret society who falls headlong into a supernatural adventure that pits the man against Biblical demons in a story involving secret codes, lost civilizations, hidden fortresses and fallen angels.

Whereas I am not completely averse to the story concept - plus, the world needs more Renaissance movies - Da Vinci? Really? *facepalms*


Feb. 10th, 2010 12:49 pm
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My mom pointed this one out to me:

Brennpunkt KSC (
Stadion, Sponsoren, Struktur: Der KSC steckt in der Krise. Dem neuen Präsidenten Paul Metzger weht ein eisiger Wind ins Gesicht. Die nächsten Wochen werden entscheidend für den Traditionsverein.

Nothing entirely new, but still: hooray. *snorts*

Oh, and this is hilarious and so true: Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed.
And then Buffy staked Edward. The End. )
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... am obsessing over lately:

Transformers. Leik whoa. A fandom full of crack (and it's so hard to find good fic *whines*). We're even playing a P&P RPG about it and it's so. Much. Fun.

Major Lennox. *squees* And Lennox and Optimus Prime together. Unfortunately, I still haven't got around to finish my fic about them.

Megan Fox. The sexiest, most edible human being on earth. *melts into a puddle of incoherence*

The Spirit of Man and Eve of the War from the War of the Worlds Musical. Don't ask. I don't even know. I saw the DVD in my vacation and it just got stuck in my head.

Harry Potter. Again. First love, last love, eh? ^^

The Little Prince. I don't need a reason for this one. It's wonderful.

... thought were relevant to me:

Wie ein Fantasy-Spaß zum "Killerspiel" gemacht wurde
Von Thomas Hillenbrand,
Wenn Teenager in Gewaltverbrechen verwickelt sind, sucht man die Ursache gern im Konsum von Computerspielen. Ein ähnliches Phänomen war vor 30 Jahren die Kontroverse um "Dungeons & Dragons". Damals geriet das Fantasy-Rollenspiel in Verdacht, für Todesfälle verantwortlich zu sein.

For several reasons, this quote: "Any scientist will tell you that the chances of anything so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten." ~Terry Pratchett ♥

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- We're going to have brothers next season: Die Langkamps sind vereint / The Langkamps are reunited. (>> Sebastian Langkamp's older brother will join the KSC for two years. In a long list of shitty transfer news, this one might actually be kind of squee-worthy. (I mean, brothers.)

- Went to see Transformers RotF again yesterday. I could watch this over and over and over and over again. *is so in love* And I so cannot get over Lennox/Prime. Comradeship, friendship, love - whatever it is they're sharing, I need to write fic about this.

- Funny: Die witzigsten Klubnamen (>>

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Perfekt: 1899 holt Eichner (>>

Bereits am 23. April hatte der kicker exklusiv über das Interesse von 1899 Hoffenheim an Karlsruhes Linksverteidiger Christian Eichner berichtet. Drei Tage nach dem Abstieg des KSC ist der Deal nach kicker-Informationen perfekt: Der 26-jährige Eichner, der seit 1996 bei den Badenern spielte, wechselt ablösefrei zu den Kraichgauern: Damit ist der erste Transfer der TSG für die kommende Spielzeit unter Dach und Fach.

Nice. May you be happy, Eiche. Happy with Andi Beck and that piss-poor excuse of a football club that bought its way into the Bundesliga.

Now let's sit and wait where the rest of the team is fleeing to and hope there will be one or two players left for the 2. league.
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Viel Geblubber. )

Und für all die Prokrastinierer auf meiner Flist - und ich weiß, das sind eine Menge XD - hier ein interessanter Artikel, den ich beim Surfen während der Arbeit gefunden habe:

Ich prokrastiniere, also bin ich, Von Kai Schwind
Geschirr spülen, Mails checken, Hamster füttern - wenn die lästige Pflicht ruft, gibt es tausend Möglichkeiten der Ablenkung. Gerade auf dem Campus grassiert die Aufschieberitis, im Fachbegriff Prokrastination. Sechs Zauderer erzählen, wie sie sich vor der Arbeit drücken.
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A creeeeepy shortfilm. A friend of mine sent me the link and even though it was rather obvious what would happen, I was scared to death. D:

Reaaaally cool photographs I saw earlier on my flist.

A list of compiled counter-arguments against arguments from Twilight-fans. Wonderfully explains all the Twilight issues and is an amusing as well as interesting read.

Movies I'm kind of looking forward to )

Movies I'm totally looking forward to )

There are many, many more, but I think I'll stop for now.

Gonna watch SPN 4x21 now. (I have a feeling I might need tissues for this ep ...?)

ETA: SPN 4x21 ... *heart breaks*

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Karlsruhes Maik Franz hat am Mittwoch (7.4.) zum ersten Mal nach seiner Verletzung wieder am Mannschaftstraining teilgenommen. [...] erklärte Trainer Edmund Becker in der vergangenen Woche: "Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass er in drei Wochen vielleicht wieder spielt."

DANKE, Fußballgott. Wenn wir ihn vielleicht schon beim Abstieg verlieren, will ich ihn zumindest nochmal in Blauweiß spielen sehen. Abgesehen davon ist das Bild äußerst drollig. XD


Apr. 3rd, 2009 06:15 pm
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  • This makes me scratch my head in confusion: the most recent chapter of Tsubasa. Can we have less of the mindfuck and more eksplanashun, plz?
  • This will keep me busy over the next time: I learnt how to make animated Gifs in Photoshop today. Which means I'm going make lots of crappy animated icons. XD
  • This makes me happy: getting out of work earlier, because it's Friday - ergo: weekend. Also, meeting a good friend later and hanging around together.
  • This is what I'm going to do now: watch Supernatural 4x18.


Dec. 27th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Disney Officially Dumps Third Chronicles of Narnia Movie

[...] Disney has officially decided to dump The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third movie based on C.S. Lewis' popular series of books. Citing "budgetary and logistical reasons" for their decision, Disney has given up all future rights for any additional sequels.

Meh. I would've loved to see what they would've made of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Especially since it's not as dark as the first two books/movies. (And especially since I got the Prince Caspian DVD at Christmas and now have a severe relapse at Narnia-fangirling.) *sighs* Meh. :(((

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Giovanni Federico wird auf Leihbasis bis zum Saisonende von Borussia Dortmund in den Wildpark zurückkehren. Marco Engelhardt wird beim KSC einen bis zum 30.06.2012 datierten Vertrag unterzeichnen

Giovanni Federico will return on loan from Borussia Dortmund to the Wildpark until the end of the season. Marco Engelhardt will sign a contract at the KSC until 06-30-2012.

From here. (Plz ignore the shabby translation. My brain is not really working right now.)

I don't know how Engelhardt was doing lately, but I think my heart is squeeing a little lot about the fact that Gio will be back for the next half year. I mean, Gio. Someone who actually knows how to handle a ball and - gasp - shoot goals. And our Italian Connection will be reunited again! <3

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Auf Kr├╝cken gest├╝tzt beobachtete Franz das Treiben seiner Koellegen beim Training. Eine Oberschenkelprellung macht dem 26-J├Ąhrigen zu schaffen, der Innenverteidiger droht f├╝r den Auftritt der Badener bei den Ostwestfalen auszufallen. Eine Kernspintomographie soll nach Vereinsangaben vom Montag Aufschluss ├╝ber die Behandlungsm├Âglichkeiten geben.


Hab's ja gestern schon bei SiD gesehen, aber hier nochmal die Best├Ątigung. Armes Kampfschwein, wir wissen ja, wie schwer Maik es nimmt, wenn er nur zusehen kann - und das nach dem tollen, ereignisreichen WE mit offizieller Liebeserkl├Ąrung der Ultras... :(((

PS: Ich laufe schon den ganzen Tag mit debilem Grinsen im Gesicht herum. XDDD


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