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Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry. I didn't forget you, but the week was stressful so far. I'll try to reply asap.

1.Lalalala )

2. Currently one of my favourite songs:

3. I have a new PC and also a huge new monitor and Windows 8 is really confusing. Apart from that, I named my new baby JARVIS, because of reasons.

4.We started playing the DC Adventures RPG )

4.more RPG babbling )

Also, I'm planning for another German 3-sentence-ficathon. SOON. Be prepared. :D
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We Get So Happy With the Hearts That We Break by mytimehaspassed
He plays the piano sometimes. Like he used to, with hands that are not his father’s. With hands that don’t belong to him.
Bittersweet twincest and bittersweet T.J. characterisation.

When The Music Stops by waferkya
Sitting there behind the piano, playing at Douglas' engagement party, — that's both the best and the worst thing T.J. has done in a while.
This is a lovely read with minor twincest, and anyway, it's T.J. so you should read it either way.

give and take by radiophile
"You got all the good parts, and I got all the bad parts."
A short, bittersweet piece of twincest and character insight.

The last good kiss you had (was years ago) by afterism
TJ's fifteen and a hundred thousand people have just found out he's gay.
A piece about T.J. growing up and his coming out. Although there's a dash of twincest in there, I'd especially rec this for the T.J. charaterisation, because it's wonderful and sad and perfect.

The Disorient Express by screamlet
T.J. thinks he'll blame youth-obsessed Western culture for making him ashamed to admit that his grandmother is his best friend.
[gen] Takes place after the events of the show. Grandma Margaret takes T.J., Doug and Anne on a tour through Europe. Lots of family feels and snark ensue. The voices are spot on and seriously, I just wanted to squish everyone in this fic and never let go.

In Ascension, By Descent by lorax
The pattern of Doug and T.J.'s lives were set even before they set foot in the White House. Somewhere along the way, things changed.
[gen] A lengthy, wonderful fic about T.J. and Doug growing up in the White House and them being BROTHERS, growing apart and trying to grow back together again and it's just such wonderful character development and you have to read this.
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Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial )

And to make this post not quite so much about incest pointless, have some links:

Surreal Paintings by Jacek Yerka
Very pretty paintings. (I love the one with the bed outside.)

BS Detector - What are the hottest marketing buzzwords?
A video that's so accurate it's painful, especially in my branch of work.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi-Landscapes by Jonas De Ro
Abso-fucking-lutely amazing art of fantastic and/or futuristic places.

Avengers: avenging angels concept
The Avengers as angels. Seriously, the art is gorgeous and hits all my AU/crossover buttons (and yes, I still need to read that fic that was inspired by this fanart.) PS: There is more angels!art in the artist's gallery, and also other art for the Avengers and various other fandoms. Seriously, it's amazing!


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:09 pm
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a spoiler-ish, not very accurate review of a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed )

Now, where's that Monopoly movie?

Glee 3x15

Apr. 11th, 2012 11:13 pm
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Big Brother )
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Three more things about Katniss in The Hunger Games )

Now, can we please all take a moment to appreciate the hotness of the Hemsworth brothers together?

*swoons* )

(Also, they beat up random people in front of clubs together.)

There. I'll just leave the pictures here for you to drool at. You know me, so I won't even tell you where my mind is wandering right now. What can I say? Brothers are my kryptonite. *runs off to write ... stuff*


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