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Nicht nur die Leseratten werden hier fündig...
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Start: Sonntag, 12.01. 2014
Etwas kurzfristig, aber da recht viele begeistert eingewilligt haben, dachte ich mir: "Warum nicht?" :)
Wer mag, kann gerne die Werbetrommel rühren! Ansonsten schonmal fleißig Prompts sammeln!
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... startet am Sonntag, den 29.07.12.!
Sammelt schonmal fleißig Prompts und rührt die Werbetrommel!

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Someone made a podfic for my recent fanfic "One of a handful"!!!!11

one of a handful [podfic], read by darlingsweet

adksfalfjlsj. Check it out, it's great!
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Also, can we please agree on the fact that Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a movie that needs to be made before I get old and die of age?

Also: I still need a beta for my latest fic. It's not much, I swear, I just need someone checking on grammar and English expressions I might have messed up (if you want to do more than that, you're welcome to). Please, anyone?
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I indulged in my everlasting love for Vampire: The Masquerade and sorted the Avengers into Vampire clans. YES, THIS IS RELEVANT.
Tumblr-post with pictures

I wrote fic:

Fandom: Once Upon A Time, Inkheart/Tintenherz
Characters/Pairing: Jefferson (Mad Hatter)/Dustfinger
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Categories/warnings: crossover, pre-slash

„Who are you?“ the stranger asked, wary but not really surprised. - „Someone who's interested in your fire.“ [OUAT/Inkheart crossover]

Yes, you read that right. It seriously makes sense in my head.
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[livejournal.com profile] freaky_nea hat mir heute geschrieben, dass sie einen weiteren deutschen 3-Sätze-Ficathon organisiert hat! Den Post findet ihr hier in der [livejournal.com profile] querstrich Community:

Zweites deutsches 3 Sätze-Ficathon vom 1 bis zum 31. Mai

Wer also gerade Pause vom Big Bang Schreiben braucht oder nach dem Avengers-Film jede Menge Prompts loswerden will, sollte schleunigst vorbeischauen und mitmachen! Und gerne auch weitersagen, damit das Ganze genauso gut besucht und spaßig wie beim letzten Mal wird. :D
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The lovely [livejournal.com profile] lillian_raven started to organize a German Fanfiction Big Bang for this year.
Head over to [livejournal.com profile] deutsch_bigbang to get more information and sign up as writer, artist and/or beta-reader!


Jan. 4th, 2012 11:07 pm
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1. I made myself a new journal header >>> [livejournal.com profile] ayascythe *hearts*

2. I posted some fic:
- drabbles for XMFC, SPN and Iron Man
- an Iron Man/RPS crossover in which Tony meets Maik Franz. Yeah, I don't know about that, either.
- 3-sentence-fic I wrote for the ficathon (both Iron Man)

3. I cannot get over the fact how incredibly amazing Tony Stark is as a character and how much Steve/Tony has devoured my brain, heart and fandom attention. As in: I actually want to write fic about them. O: And I love them so much that I need to just, I don't know spread the love? Spam everyone? Anyhow, here are some relevant links if you want to finally understand why I just won't shut up about that genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist and his Captain. :D

A Sword, a Horse, a Shield
The Steve Rogers/Tony Stark ship manifesto.

This probably explains better than I ever could just why Tony and Steve work so well together and why I'm so madly in love with Tony right now. You can literally go through my checklist of characterization kinks and make crosses leik whoa. (If you know me and my favourite characters, you'll know what I mean.) Plus, there's a nice collection of fic recs at the end.

Fic recs. Mostly Tony/Steve, but they all have brilliant Tony-characterizations and show various aspects of him that I just love i.e. love seeing explored.

recs! )
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Because this fandom is still so small and needs more love, even though it is the slashiest thing I have come across since, I don't know, Brokeback Moutain?

Four reasons to love The Eagle of the Ninth (includes spoilers and quotes)

1. It's (b)romantic. (Book!verse) )

2. It's full of UST and powerplay. (Movie!verse) )

3. Even the actors are in love (RPS). )

4. Mr. Handsome and Mr. Pretty. (aka: eyecandy) )

Nuff said. :D
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1. My copy of Dragon Age: Origins for my PC arrived! I'm so excited for this, because it means a) I don't have to rely on J.'s PS3 anymore and b) I can finally play the Shale quest. *bounces*

2. SOMEONE WROTE FIC FOR MY TV SHOW MEME. It's a three sentence fic and it's so lovely and spot-on:
Ethan & Darcie, listening by [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23  *flails*

TODAY IS AWESOME. *runs off to start a play-through with the mage-origin and probably will not be seen for many days from now on*
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...Alex Meier (Eintracht Frankfurt). *flails*

Decent picspam will follow sometime soon, because *whee*. And no, I don't only like him because of his similarity to a certain defender. *coughs* (They really don't look that much alike, but it's still fascinating to compare them with each other.) Alex seems like a much dorkier/more dorky (?) type and omg, that chest. Plus, he's incredibly tall. *admires*
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(...Mainly 'cause I missed my train and need to wait for the next one. Thus, trying to kill some time.)

This is the reason why I love the Petrelli brothers and one of the reasons why I love "Heroes" in general:

(Warning: contains spoilers of "Heroes" up until the ending of season one.)

Brothercest like whoa. And the actors? Absoutely in love with each other as well. *smirks*
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[info]ladyhurt  posted this today in her journal and I just can't help spreading this on my flist as well, because it's. Absolutely. Awesome. *flails*

And if you don't like Revolverheld, then simply watch it because of the video, for slashy goodness awaits! *flails even more*

Revolverheld - Unzertrennlich - MyVideo

Mwah. So lovely. *is utterly delighted*

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...or: how I got to discover an adorable Swedish footie-player called Patrik Ingelsten. And it's entirely [personal profile] rotschopf 's fault. Hers and this picture's of Markus Rosenberg that she showed around in the Chat:

Whereas everyone went "Guh, Rosi!" I was all "Omg, that other one reminds me of Maik Franz! - And is really, really ... cute."
So I went looking on the net for adorable Mr. Unknown, trying to find out who he actually is - and believe me, it was rather hard a piece of work. I still don't know very much about him, so if anyone happens to know more... go on and tell me. ^^

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OMG - I'm having such a serious case of childhood flashback!

Had a nice conversation over at the FF Forum's chat about old TV series we used to watch... Somehow, we started talking about the "Kickers" and it reminded of how much I adored that Anime. <33333
And Mario, the goalie of the Kickers, too... *swoons* God, I used to have such a crush on him. x3 (Goalie-fetish, even as a little kid!)

I so need to write some slash evolving around Kickers... maybe some Mario/Viktor or Mario/Gregor... (Actually, I talked Kelly into co-writing one with me, so I hope this will work out! *jumps around in excitement*)
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Okay, die meisten von euch werden wohl inzwischen mitbekommen haben, dass ich eine "leichte" Obsession für einen gewissen Innenverteidiger des KSC entwickelt habe... *ahem* Maik ist irgendwie ein Phänomen - aber was ich so toll an ihm finde... das ist schwer zu beschreiben. Sein Aussehen ist es auf jeden Fall nicht. Das drückt sich eher dadurch aus, was er ist, sagt und tut.

Deswegen dachte ich mir, einen kleinen Post mit Anekdoten von/zu/über/um Maik Franz zusammenzustellen. Einfach mal, damit ihr einen Eindruck davon bekommt, was er so für ein Kerl ist. (Ein Pimp my Player folgt demnächst... sobald Lou mit ihrem Pimp my Team KSC fertig ist. *erwartungsvoll anschiel*)

Lest euch einfach durch - und vielleicht werdet ihr unseren Maiki bald ebenso lieb gewinnen, wie [profile] louphoenix  und ich das bereits haben. ^^

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Mr. Gedeon Burkhard, German actor and the reason why I watch "Alarm für Cobra 11" (a trashy German crime/action-series) every Thursday with more enthusiasm than is appropriate. He used to be my crush when I was 13 or 14, but somehow I re-descovered my faible for him when he started to play in Cobra 11.

He's almost fourty now (yeah, the pic is a little old, but he still looks practically the same!), a great actor, has a gorgeous smile, looks great with a gun in his hands and is teh handsome. *rawrr*
Plus, he's got the sexiest voice ever: deep and raspy, but at the same time very soft and really, really nice-sounding (a little like Metze, only without the nasally streak).

The show starts in about... five minutes, so I'll be off now, but before I go, here's some more Gedeon-eyecandy for you. *sighs*


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