May. 30th, 2013 10:46 pm
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Les MisÚrables )

Supernatural S8 )

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2, episodes 1-2 )

In other news: yesterday, there was a beautiful, beautiful fanmade Supernatural song named "Mary's Lullaby" on my Tumblr dash and I instantly fell in love with it. The artist made a bunch more SPN songs, all of them very beautiful in both melody and lyrics. Especially the lyrics really are a punch to the gut sometimes and I listened to the songs at work, trying not to look like someone killed my imaginary puppy.

He was the best, he was the best of anyone | and now he’s gone | and I’m supposed to just forget him | and carry on


So consider this a rec from me and check out her songs. Do it, you know you want to! My favourites so far are Mary's Lullaby, I'm okay (Sam's song), You Were The Best (Dean’s Lament) and Everybody leaves.

Artist: Elizabeth Smart/coffeeandcheesecake
Masterpost for the songs
Masterpost for the lyrics
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So I went to this new toy store in town today and found those very cool Iron Man and Captain America action figures from Lego. Then I looked onto the back description and almost squealed, because: if you have both figures you can totally swap their gear and mash them up like some sort of Iron Patriot Transformer Power Ranger ... thing.

proof )

Also, listening to the Twilight soundtrack gave me sudden Civil War feels, because Decode by Paramore? Yeah. (How this song ended up on the Twilight soundtrack, I will never know. I mean, it sums Bella/Edward up perfectly, as it: it's a completely fucked-up relationship, but somehow I doubt that's the intent they had with it.)

ETA: Supernatural 8x04 Bitten - WORKPLACE ROMANCE. Man, have I missed the gay Wincest jokes. *cries and longs for the good old days*
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Recently, I listened to a Supernatural podfic in which Sam thought of Dean as "the king of deflection" and all I could think was: "but that's Tony Stark!" Then I thought "but Brian Kinney, too, actually" and then I realised what all three characters whom I all love crazily and fiercely have in common. I am so predictable. (Is deflecting a kink now? Can it be one?)

Also, GRRM, an over sixteen pages long chapter in the pov of Theon Greyjoy - argh. The boy is as interesting as he is likeable, which is not much (at least so far). I want Jon and Daenerys and Arya and Davos and - pretty much everyone else but him.

The Avengers fandom nees a football AU. *ogles at [livejournal.com profile] louphoenix*

PS: I think I might ship Davos Seaworth/Stannis Baratheon. Like, a lot.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 07:41 pm
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Doctor Who 6x06 - spoilers )

Also: ficrec. Because all the cool kids are doing it and I read some very nice stuff lately. :) Mostly Supernatural, because, I dunno, I miss the times when this show was still epic and made me care. (And why has no one ever told me how practical and great podfic is? I feel like the last person on earth to discover this, but it's like reading fanfic - while being able to do other stuff at the same time! :D)


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I have this week off, been getting up at 7 or 8 o'clock each morning, feel like I'm not doing enough with the free time that I'm given and it feels like time is running out of my hands. On top of that, I feel bad for taking vacation at a time when work is being crazy, but then it's always crazy and it never gets better, so when else am I supposed to take off? Or in short: I cannot relax, because all I can think about is ticking off the days I have left until I have to work again. *facepalms*

I watch too many TV shows. Like, dear god, when did I start watching all of this? And why do they all have to get back from spring break now? I'm 3 eps behind in TVD, I keep forgetting to catch up with The Borgias and I still need to check out Game of Thrones. Doctor Who is being awesome spoiler ), Supernatural not so much, but I'll forgive them for it for moments like this one (spoiler for 6x17). And then there is Glee, which is a mess - as usual -, but I really did enjoy the last episode. Santana is so much love.

- Star Wars turned out to be quite the fun game. It's an easy enough system, my character is a nice change (a loudmouthed Zabrak mechanic) and we have two new players who brought in a badly needed breath of fresh air. One of us has already gone darkside and it was duh-rrrama! Heeh. :D

- I have written about 8 pages of catharsis-fic about my dead RPG character that I'll probably never finish (or post) because it's a clusterfuck of wannabe-mindfuck. But it's kind of helping me to overcome that inner rage of "But it's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaair" that I still feel when I think of the end of the campaign. (In case, anyone hasn't noticed yet, yeah, I can't let things that bug me go that easily.) At least it made me rewatch "Stay" for inspiration, which made me realise how great its soundtrack is. <3

- I'm also preparing the Dragon Age RPG, which I think is going to be fun. *is excited as well as a little nervous*
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So. SPN 5x22.

Thoughts. Spoilery. )

I just want to add that I didn't get drunk because of SPN (although I might as well could have), but there was a small festival in my town and I had a beer. One beer + lacking ability to stomach alcohol = drunk me. XD

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1. Supernatural 5x11. Damn, that was intense. And really good, at least in my opinion. *adds this to her list of favourite SPN episodes, right next to "In my time of dying"*

2. I am really considering to go on Fasnacht tonight, but then - how am I going to get home? And I haven't really anybody I could go with ... so, yeah. Rather not.

3. Top five guilty pleasures when it comes to football players. Baaaah. I'm a sheep and cannot focus on MIME protocols or client/server architecture. No real order of the players.

lalalala )


Oct. 26th, 2009 11:28 pm
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Supernatural Role Playing Game.


(Even if it's basically new!World of Darkness/Hunter the Vigil and one could totally save the money. And I'm already furiously thinking about getting myself the Narnia RPG, but I don't know, if it's really that good. *doesn't want to throw out her money just like that*)

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Thoughts on seasons 3 & 4, spoilers )

And uh, I'm gonna be gamemaster again tomorrow. Being torn between anxiety, panic and "oh, whatever", I kind of wonder why I'm trying this again, but I guess I just can't leave it be. Story-telling and being creative is one of the few things I'm really persistent at and, anyway, I'm way too stubborn to give up. Just ... wish me good luck, maybe, so I won't lose my confidence again? (I know I'm taking this definitely too serious, but just bear with me.)
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Supernatural babbling, might contain slight spoilers )

In other news, I installed all the necessary programs on my wee little netbook (did I mention that I named it Sam? x3) and it's ready to be used for Uni. Since I'll have a seminary tomorrow that's just perfect. :D
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A creeeeepy shortfilm. A friend of mine sent me the link and even though it was rather obvious what would happen, I was scared to death. D:

Reaaaally cool photographs I saw earlier on my flist.

A list of compiled counter-arguments against arguments from Twilight-fans. Wonderfully explains all the Twilight issues and is an amusing as well as interesting read.

Movies I'm kind of looking forward to )

Movies I'm totally looking forward to )

There are many, many more, but I think I'll stop for now.

Gonna watch SPN 4x21 now. (I have a feeling I might need tissues for this ep ...?)

ETA: SPN 4x21 ... *heart breaks*

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I ... am going to pretend this episode doesn't exist and never speak of it again. The title does the content justice and I'm just glad spoiler ). Anything else probably would've ruined the show for me.

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I've only watched 4 minutes of this ep and it's already epic:

Comic guy: I knew it.
Dean: Knew what?
Comic guy: You're LARPers!
Sam & Dean: What?
Comic guy: Live Action Roleplay!


Dean: What's a slash-fan?



Incoherent rambling and spoilers under the cut. )
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adfljdslfjaldfjdlkjfld (spoiler) dsalfjdfljafliefwefnl )
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A drawn J2 version of Freaky Friday
I just stumbled over this and thought it's fantastic. The idea is funny and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous (I love that punk!Jensen). *__*

Lives by Breaking, by Lady Sarai
"The heart lives by breaking;" 8 ways Narnia can break a heart.
A Narnia-fic I've been meaning to rec for ages. About the cruelty of leaving home behind and then being thrown back into it again. Bittersweet, wonderful and so spot-on.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (youtube-link)
Newly discovered music, thanks to the new Fast & Furious 4 trailer. Usually not my type of movie (I haven't seen any part of the series), but the song got really stuck in my head. And it's not the Hiphop-ish kind of song I expected, but very Electronic - Daft Punk would be a good comparison - and so, so good. And isn't the band name just cool?
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a) Might contain spoilers. )

b) Sam: Get out of me.
Dean: You're just a prude.

I love ambiguous wording. XD

c) Also: THIS.
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  • "I've just... murdered a guy! - Naw... when it's an accident, it's called manslaughter." - I'd like to rec you "Monster House", a computer animated, err, "horror" movie, although it's much more on the funny side. The jokes are fabulous and the movie in itself is a lot of fun to watch (and not childish at all, even if it might look like it).
  • Has anyone seen the new SPN episode (4.01) already? I ... kind of don't know what to think of it.
  • Will be working on that Vampire: Requiem adventure today with a friend of mine. We've decided to gamemaster the thing together, so I don't need to be a wuss about doing it alone. I'm still being a wuss, of course, but hopefully, we'll manage this together.
  • ZOMG, derby tomorrow and I have no one to watch the match with but Mr. Antichrist ... There is no hope left. *sighs*


May. 16th, 2008 02:09 pm
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Supernatural episode 3x16?!?!
Lilith? Dean? Rubyyyy? I can has explanation and continuation, plz? *whimpers*

And the Squad Nomination for Euro '08? Jogi, are you serious?

What the hell were they all thinking?


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