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Titel: Die Wahrheit über Wölfe
Autor/in: [livejournal.com profile] rei17
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Alltag, Romanze, hurt/comfort, fluff, mystery
Pairing: Stiles/Derek (mit ganz viel bromance und pack!feelings im Hintergrund)
Warnungen: Ein bisschen Gewalt, aber nicht mehr als in der Serie auch
Rating: Ab 12
Zusammenfassung: Mit den Alphas im Anmarsch brauchen Derek und co. ganz schnell ein geeinigtes Rudel. Doof nur, dass sich überhaupt niemand einig ist. Stiles wünscht sich, alle würden endlich erwachsen werden, Lydia findet Menschen werden generell nicht genug gewürdigt und Derek lernt seine Worte zu benutzen (manchmal).

Fic Masterpost HIER
Fanart Masterpost LJ | AO3 | Tumblr (Rest folgt, sobald ich es gebacken kriege, die ganzen Sachen in Tumblr-Formate zu bringen)

Anmerkungen: Das erste Mal, dass ich Art zu einem Big Bang-Projekt beisteuere - sollte ich öfter tun, es hat nämlich sehr viel Spaß gemacht. :)

Art unter dem Cut )

Fic rec

Dec. 26th, 2012 07:14 pm
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So turn around and I'll pick up the slack by sirona
This... was not what Tony had in mind when he decided to design himself a new dildo. You won't hear him complaining about the results, however.
TONY/ARMOR PORN. Seriously, this is the fic I've been waiting for ever since that certain scene in the Iron Man 3 trailer. Technically, it's more of a Tony/JARVIS fic, but who would I be to complain a about that? XD

And Has Time Enough by wanttobeatree
Tony asks if they have met. It's a matter of perspective. (A Time Traveller's Wife AU.)
TIME TRAVEL AU. There's no more you need to know about it, except, yeah, it's amazing and ugh and TONY and yesssss. Don't let yourself be scared off by the twisted plotlines, it all comes to a conclusion in the end. No knowledge of the book/movie is necessary (I didn't know it either, though I did make sure to get my hands on the book afterwards).

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by sirona
You never know what kind of information you might stumble upon in Russia.
A James Bond/Avengers crossover with Daniel Craig!Bond meeting and hooking up with Bucky Barnes. Also with Natasha Romanoff, but mostly Bucky, and it's all kinds of sexy and hilarious and amazing and exactly the crossover I didn't know I wanted until I found it. *flails*

What I Need I Just Don't Have by gyzym
If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition. (Or: Tony needs an assistant. Rhodey needs a break.)
If you still need reasons why Pepper is a bamf and why you should ship Tony/Rhodey (as if both weren't already obvious things) - read this fic. I'm serious, it's hilarious and cute and wonderful and proof that Tony/Rhodey needs more love - their insane banter is the best. And Pepper. PEPPER. BEST.

My Normal Approach is Useless Here by windsweptfic
Tony finds Bucky frozen in the Alps and brings him back, thinking it'll help Steve adjust to modern life if he's not alone. Unfortunately, he finds it has the side-effect of him becoming irrationally jealous.
I loved this one, how Tonys resentment slowly gets replaced by something different and mwah. Steve/Tony/Bucky OT3-fic!

Podfic Rec:
[podfic] Natural Selection by reena_jenkins, Saucery
BEACON, also known as the Bureau of Enforcement, Armed Combat and Offensive Neutralization (it sure is offensive, Stiles thinks) has established the Avengers Initiative in order to, uh, fight crime. And rampaging alien hordes. And stuff.
Stiles is Iron Man. (Scott is Rhodey. Oh, Scott.) Derek is the Hulk. Lydia is Black Widow. Allison is Hawkeye. DANNY IS CAPTAIN AMERICA WHO EVERYONE LOVES. Jaxon is a creepy alien dude with Daddy issues. And also Danny issues. Daddy Danny issues. Danny is justifiably alarmed. Erica is Pepper Potts, except with more of an inclination toward bodily harm. Chris Argent is the head of the Avengers Initiative. He is also fierce. He is also a silver fox. Hot damn. And somehow, in the middle of all this chaos, the Hulk and Iron Man find love.

LISTEN TO IT. The story in itself is absolutely great, but the podficcer really brought the best out of it with her voice, especially with Stiles.
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my daily gifs to express my feelings about this shitty week )

Bear with me, one more day and it'll be weekend. Meanwhile, let me talk a little bit about Teen Wolf since I managed to finally watch the last couple of episodes tonight. In bullet points, because, no, coherence is not my strong point atm.

Teen Wolf S2 )

I'm probably forgetting something, but for now that's it.
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Derek!feels omg I need to stop with that fucking show )

Holy shit, where came all that Derek meta from.

PS: I keep forgetting to mention it, but I really dig the new Teen Wolf intro. I really, really do. It's so BAMF, I love it.


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