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Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry. I didn't forget you, but the week was stressful so far. I'll try to reply asap.

1.I finished writing my RPS fic about certain brothers (we can safely assume the people who know me know who I'm talking about). 25 pages of self-indulgent headcanon fanfic that no one but me and one other person will read. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND I REGRET NOTHING.

2. Currently one of my favourite songs:

3. I have a new PC and also a huge new monitor and Windows 8 is really confusing. Apart from that, I named my new baby JARVIS, because of reasons.

4.We started playing the DC Adventures RPG! I play some sort of Spidergirl. She's based a lot on Veronicar Mars, very sassy and a lot of fun to play. I'll write more about her soon.
Other characters in our group:

- a mysterious "musician" with a hat and a cape, who is actually a vampire, but we don't know that yet (re: Vampire Hunter D)
- a very rich female librarian, who is actually some sort of gothic magician
- the daughter of a Dryad (re: Poison Ivy)
- a fire controller (re: The Human Torch)
- some ... magic, sword-wielding nerd guy working for an ancient Germanic god (re: weird shit)

I think it's going to be really epic and great this time. Expect weekly squeeing. ;)

4.Other news concerning RPG: we had a little talk about the Königsmacher campaign and decided that our current group isn't quite suited for the task. However, since most of us are really interested (make that A LOT for me) in playing it, we simply decided to create a new group with completely fresh characters. Which solves my problems of "to Darian or not to Darian". It also means Darian and Gero can still play together in other future adventures, while I get to re-create Adran to give him a second chance. BEST SOLUTION, I APPROVE. :D

Now I'm already obsessing about what my new character's going to be like, which of Adran's characteristics I can give him and which I'm going to leave out this time to give him a different feel. SO MANY IMPORTANT CHOICES. XD

Also, I'm planning for another German 3-sentence-ficathon. SOON. Be prepared. :D
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