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Who the hell is Bucky? - SPOILERS )
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Okay, yesterday I tried doing this through writing fic which didn't work so I'll just do this via rambling? Mostly for myself, but I know there are the odd one or two people out there who are actually interested in my roleplay shenanigans. ;)

Raoul Irian von Rabenmund
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Armed and Dangerous by AlchemyAlice
Bucky wakes up. Tony takes a liking to him. Steve frowns a lot. Also, there is some Avenging going on. And tech porn.

This one starts out as Bucky/Tony (and oh god, I need more of them, they are perfect for each other in a wonderfully fucked-up, broken way), but then eventually develops into Steve/Bucky/Tony and. And. Guys. HOW DID I SURVIVE THIS LONG WITHOUT THIS OT3 IN MY LIFE?! It's, like, my three favourite Marvel babies all rolled into one ship and it's perfection. The fic gave me so many emotions, I cannot even. Plus, there is some glorious team action going on with lots of snarking between Tony, Clint, Bucky and Natasha.

And while I'm at it: some Bucky/Howard recs! (Yes, I've been stalking the Bucky related tags lately, how could you tell?)

meet me in a dirty bar (with half a glass of whisky in your hand) by sidonay
He thinks about pushing him away or maybe punching him in the face and making a quick escape out the front door but, in the end, it's been awhile and if Howard wants to play this game then Bucky figures he might as well play along.
Frustrated drinking and awkward flirting! *flails* I never thought of them together before, but they actually make sense to me. A lot.

Twenty Years. by quigonejinn
What signs do you have of his morals?
Bucky and Howard and all the things that happen in 20 years of abscence. With Winter Soldier!Bucky and well, it's not a nice fic by far, but very good.

forget yesterday (remember today)  by lincesque
Howard doesn’t like to kill, especially not his own, but sometimes, there is no other choice. He likes things to be wrapped up, ends tied up neatly, leave nothing to chance. There’s a reason New York’s finest has never been able to link Howard Stark, the billionaire philanthropist CEO of Stark Industries, with the shady leader of New York’s underworld.
MAFIA!AU. NEED I SAY MORE? *flails some more* And of course, Bucky is his bodyguard. Of course.
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Someone made a podfic for my recent fanfic "One of a handful"!!!!11

one of a handful [podfic], read by darlingsweet

adksfalfjlsj. Check it out, it's great!
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Just got safely home and back from visiting [livejournal.com profile] 3ngel, geeked out with J. for about 15 minutes and agreed that The Avengers is a thing of Flawless Beauty and Perfection. BECAUSE IT IS. I'll probably do a more articulate post about the movie sometime this week, but for now, have this sophisticated gif that expresses exactly my feels about it:

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend, [livejournal.com profile] 3ngel, and I am so glad that we watched this together. <3
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There's an early show of The Avengers at our cinema - at 6 A.M. in the morning. And I am VERY desperate, so I would totally go, except that I'm going to go visit [livejournal.com profile] 3ngel for the weekend and watch it with her. \o/

Now I only need to survive the next 43 hours 31 hours (because I suck at basic Maths) until I can see the Avengers on screen and try not to look like this at work:

BECAUSE OMG THE AVENGERS IS RELEASED IT'S SO SURREAL AND I WANT TO SEE IT NOW AND I AM DYING AND FLAILING HELPLESSLY HERE GUYS. I'm not even kidding you, just reading reaction posts and reviews speeds up my heart-rate. The last time I was that hyped was when Prisoner of Askaban was released and I'd just gotten into the HP fandom.
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Steeeeeve! Clint! Natasha! Bruce (catching Tony in midair <3)! Thor! And oh, Tony. How can anyone look that sexy while getting out of a disassembling suit of armour? I CANNOT HANDLE ALL THESE FEELINGS.
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Because I just read the part where they meet for the first time and their cuteness KILLS ME, even in the books. I just want to squish them and roll myself in their adorable, sugar-sweet love.
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heavy capslock abuse, a crapload of gifs and squee - I might come off as a little insane here, be warned )


Jan. 19th, 2012 08:41 pm
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May I introduce?


*splutters and dies from the cracky adorableness*

Check out this flickr stream of yodaflicker for more of these amazing illustrations. There are more Avengers ones (HELLO THOR AND HELLO LOKI, I CANNOT EVEN), the Watchmen, DC, some more and then some. Oh, and there's an entire Star Wars series as well. AND A HELLO DALEK.
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1. I made myself a new journal header >>> [livejournal.com profile] ayascythe *hearts*

2. I posted some fic:
- drabbles for XMFC, SPN and Iron Man
- an Iron Man/RPS crossover in which Tony meets Maik Franz. Yeah, I don't know about that, either.
- 3-sentence-fic I wrote for the ficathon (both Iron Man)

3. I cannot get over the fact how incredibly amazing Tony Stark is as a character and how much Steve/Tony has devoured my brain, heart and fandom attention. As in: I actually want to write fic about them. O: And I love them so much that I need to just, I don't know spread the love? Spam everyone? Anyhow, here are some relevant links if you want to finally understand why I just won't shut up about that genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist and his Captain. :D

A Sword, a Horse, a Shield
The Steve Rogers/Tony Stark ship manifesto.

This probably explains better than I ever could just why Tony and Steve work so well together and why I'm so madly in love with Tony right now. You can literally go through my checklist of characterization kinks and make crosses leik whoa. (If you know me and my favourite characters, you'll know what I mean.) Plus, there's a nice collection of fic recs at the end.

Fic recs. Mostly Tony/Steve, but they all have brilliant Tony-characterizations and show various aspects of him that I just love i.e. love seeing explored.

recs! )
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piiiics )

Channing said; " That kid's going to be one of my best friends for a long, long time," "When we're done with this we'll probably make it back up to the north of Britain and sit and drink whisky together." (>> from here)

THERE. BROKEBACK EAGLE. Jamie said it himself! ;P


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