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Sooo, it's been a while since I wrote here about our RPG (or that I wrote in general), but I'm happy to announce that we. Finally. Made. It. To. The. End.

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So, after over a year, our group FINALLY decided to pick up the Kingmaker campaign and finish it. Me:

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A quick warning: this and all following entries about DSA will contain minor and major spoilers for both volumes of the Königsmacher/Kingmaker-campaign and various important NPCs of DSA. If you ever plan to play it (I know chances for that are low on my flist, but still), be warned.

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Okay, yesterday I tried doing this through writing fic which didn't work so I'll just do this via rambling? Mostly for myself, but I know there are the odd one or two people out there who are actually interested in my roleplay shenanigans. ;)

Raoul Irian von Rabenmund
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While I absolutely adore the fact that we're roleplaying the Kingmaker campaign again, I absolutely resent the fact that this time, we're doing it with a group full of bragging smartasses, who - instead of helping you out - make you feel lousy and inadequate for not knowing things about etiquette among nobility or - something which will become important later on - medieval warfare.

And the thing is - the thing is: I hate it when people patronize me and try to make me feel dumb. The thing is also that I'd rather say nothing at all than risking stupid comments. But since I love this RPG campaign so much and need to play an active role in it, I need the background knowledge.

I'm already hunting down Wikipedia articles and stuff, but, y'know, since I have a lot of history buffs on my flist I thought I might ask: do you know good resources (links, books, anything) about said topics (etiquette, warfare), hopefully something that's easy enough for dummies and stays on the practical side of things (I'm not looking for strategical Sun Tsu like stuff, I need concrete information like which unit has which task/strength and is best used at which moment, etc.)?


Feb. 17th, 2013 10:20 pm
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Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry. I didn't forget you, but the week was stressful so far. I'll try to reply asap.

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2. Currently one of my favourite songs:

3. I have a new PC and also a huge new monitor and Windows 8 is really confusing. Apart from that, I named my new baby JARVIS, because of reasons.

4.We started playing the DC Adventures RPG )

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Also, I'm planning for another German 3-sentence-ficathon. SOON. Be prepared. :D
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Gero & Darian, bromance forever )

some more DSA babbling and flailing )

However, for now there'll be quite a long break from DSA, because we'll switch to playing DC Adventures in two weeks. Which I'm also really excited for. (Expect more squeeing about that in the future, now I have to go to bed, though. ;))
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Consider me a puddle of excited goo.
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Fandom: Das Schwarze Auge (DSA)
Rating: PG-13
Language: Deutsch/German
Einstufungen/Warnungen: angedeutete Prostitution, OC

Darian hat mit vielen getanzt: mit reichen Damen, unerfahrenen Jünglingen, frustrierten Hausfrauen, verstohlenen Adelsmännern. Am Ende ist es ein Beruf wie alle anderen. Einer, bei dem man schnell verschwinden kann.

Because I promised Lou to post the background story for my new character.
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I indulged in my everlasting love for Vampire: The Masquerade and sorted the Avengers into Vampire clans. YES, THIS IS RELEVANT.
Tumblr-post with pictures

I wrote fic:

Fandom: Once Upon A Time, Inkheart/Tintenherz
Characters/Pairing: Jefferson (Mad Hatter)/Dustfinger
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Categories/warnings: crossover, pre-slash

„Who are you?“ the stranger asked, wary but not really surprised. - „Someone who's interested in your fire.“ [OUAT/Inkheart crossover]

Yes, you read that right. It seriously makes sense in my head.
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I know it's been ages since I did the last entry for this, but it just hit me today so I wrote part one of how the gameplay works.

The Gameplay (I) )


Coming up next: The gameplay (II)
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Me & friends: *watching The Eagle of the Ninth*
Me: You know, and that's a battle I find unrealistic - lots of angry, wild picts againts a couple of shabby old soldiers.
Friend A: But they have shields! That'll give them two parries per round!
Friend B: Yeah, and some of them have armour, too! Even more + bonus!
Me: *facepalms*


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